A date with my daughter

Published: 28/09/2016

I know you will totally agree with me on this. Quality time  – those magic words we all strive for. As a working mom my time with Skylar is limited during the week. Routine for Skylar is very important, she is put to bed at 7pm, regardless of how much she fights or easily rolls over to dream land. I would love to play with her more, but I know that is selfish, and she needs that precious sleep.

The weekend is my magic time with Skylar. – time I like to plan around her. This past Saturday we did our first real lunch date. I say real as we sat together and shared lunch. No high chairs or passing her from one person to the next. Skylar sat right next to me in the booth. Telling me long stories I did not understand and wanting lots of the cream off my milkshake. It sounds like such a simple moment, to me it was the weekend magic I love.

Before I became a mom – I would swear I would not take my child to those commercial kid trap restaurants. Now I “eat” my words – what I realized is that most other restaurants are not geared for moms with small tots. Either they have no high chairs or suitable bathrooms for changing them. There is also the danger looks you get from other patrons when your little one is making tons of noise or smooshing her food all of the seat.

Skylar is too small to go running around in play areas – and maybe when she is a little more grown I will be happy to take her to restaurants where she knows to sit or go play. I do prefer welcoming smiles by restaurant staff and not worrying that Skylar is making a mess as she insists on feeding herself.

Well… I am rambling on a bit now. Back to what I was saying…. I am going to make an effort to date my daughter, ensure I make special time for her  – that is one on one and make magic moments when ever we can.

Leave a comment and let me know how you fit in time for those magic moments.

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