I dont blog – or do I?


I am not new to the world of blogging, you could say my personal blogs (I had more than one) where on a hiatus. Its not easy to find the time to blog for myself, as a brand manager, and working in the industry itself, my focus is on that of my company’s blogs and their wellbeing.

So why now? Not sure, maybe it was other moms asking me if I do, and being annoyed at myself for answering, I don’t have time – who does? So maybe I will blog a bit, here and there, or maybe I won’t.

If you get a chance read back a couple posts – to see where my head was back in 2013 – I was all ready to share my journey, every heart ache of it.  It felt like a great idea to type out my feelings. I was not ready for it – nor was I ready for the journey ahead – how I did not want to face the fact that I was not going to be a mom, or that the blog would be a disappointment to my readers, with no baby at the end.

Oh how a few years has changed that! So it is 10:54pm and I can hear on the monitor that Skylar is restless, and maybe she will wake up… so I better make this brief and sign off now.

As you have guessed it, I did have my baby, her name is Skylar Jane born 01.01.2015


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