Show me your teeth!

Published on 01/10/2016

Any mom with a tiny tot who is teething will tell you how obsessed you can become over those teeny little white terrors! There are plenty of articles and methods on how to combat this time in their development.  

Skylar only started teething later than most at 9 months on the cusp of 10 and then she cross cut – getting her top teeth first… with 4 coming in short condescension. Now only at 15 months the first sign of another molar is on its way.

The worst part of teeth is the just before they break through the gums. I find this is when Skylar will get temps, a nasal drip and generally in a bad mood.

With 6 teeth, 2 on the way and still the rest to come, this is how I am dealing with it one bite at a time 🙂

My artillery…

1 – Teething biscuits

Keep these handy when they need to much and helps to rub their gums – can be kept in your bag for awhile if in a sealed container.

2 – Sudocrem

I think this is the best bum cream – why bum cream for teeth – helps prevent rash.

3 – Nasal spray

Skylar gets a blocked nose when she teeths and I use this to keep her breathing easy

4 – Pampers

Teething can result in nappy rash keep them in the best – if you can’t afford these all the time, keep an emergency bag for those teething weeks.

5 – Calpol

It can be really sore for these littles and they can get high temps – this is my go to, Skylar will take it from the spoon.

6 – Carrots

Odd I know – these are perfect to keep in the fridge and great for them to eat. Skylar will much on one of these forever – plus it is good for her.

7 – Nique Biscuit teething chain

My new favorite trick to combat teeth the awesome range from Nique – good grade silicone and more.

8 – Nique Swiss cross teether

This super trendy teether is so soft and the corners help to rub those itchy gums.

9 – TeetheEze Gel

Always keep some teething gel handy to numb those gums. I have tried the powders but I am useless to get it in without making a complete mess.

10 – Gentian Violet

This has been my savior. Does not matter how hard you try at one point they are just going to get nappy rash and to clear it up quick, dab some on cotton wool and then onto the effected area, once applied, place your bum cream on top. This will help to disinfect the area and help the healing process. You will have a rather shocking purple baby, but it works!

and not forgetting – biltong (beef jerky) – another fav way to ease the itchy gums

Thank you to these great moms for providing these tips – if you are not following these moms and their tots on Instagram yet… You should be 

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