How I survived the Spa with my Toddler

Do you still feel good about yourself?

This is a question I ask myself often lately, when last did I put highlights in my hair, when last did I paint my nails (and then remove the polish when they chip). I find now that I am a mother my life revolves around Skylar, I am the last person on my priority list. I feel ragged most days, barely making it through with a dash of foundation and a whip of mascara. I can’t remember the last time I felt totally glamorous and happy with the way I look. Even when shopping, I go out with the intention of getting something new for myself, and end up walking out with a bag of very small clothes (12-18 months).

In one of my previous blog posts “Get out! Get out! Get out!” – I touched on the topic of not getting out often enough with girlfriends or without kids. This post is along the same lines, with a focus on self worth. We all love the phrase by L’Oréal – “Because you are worth it”, but do you ever apply this to yourself?

Your time – it’s important to have it!

A moment to read, a moment to have that cup of tea and watch your show, go out and tend your garden, sit at the hairdresser and gabble on about your life, visit your girlfriends, go to that yoga class or just book yourself in at the spa.


This past Sunday I chose to visit my favorite spa at the Palace – La Vita Spa, and I took Skylar with – YES – I know what you are thinking, who did I do it! With lots of toys and the most fabulous therapist, who was so kind and patient with both of us. She was such a darling, Skylar just loved her – ask for Smiley whenever you go, it is worth it.

How I survived my pedicure with a 15 month old:

  • Take a large bag
  • Fill it with toys (I packed mine with Belinda from La Fede, crayons, book, Leap Frog/lappup and some other bits and bobs)
  • Fruit Cubes
  • Dry Wors (South African’s you will know what this is)
  • Sippy Cup
  • Bottle
  • Extra Clothes
  • Spread them on the floor and hope she plays with them

What Skylar actually did….

  • Played with her toys for a little bit
  • Walked around investigating everything
  • Love the decorations and the mirrors
  • Wanted “uppy” a few times
  • Painted my nails!!!!!


Even though what should of been “me” time, turned into the Skylar show, I really loved it, we had a good laugh, and sometimes that is exactly what you need! Next time I will get Skylar to be babysat, and I am going for a proper massage!



Have you entered the La Vita competition on our instagram profile yet? @little_skylar_jane one of 4 vouchers to be won! Go and check it out.

2 thoughts on “How I survived the Spa with my Toddler

  1. Oh wow! Will try this out. I haven’t been to a spa since my 15 month daughter was born. Some little pampering overdue!!


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