Our InstaCommunity

Community – that is one word that sums up what we as InstaMamas and our littles are on Instagram. There is just something really special with what we have going on the ‘gram’.  Following each other, commenting and double tapping our posts, it can feel like one big hug every day.

Little Skylar Jane is known as a “Brand Rep”, and I really feel that this title sometimes does not fully describe what we do within this community. I would prefer collaborator, but that might not be as catchy. I have always loved photography, even though I am not a professional, I love taking ‘good’ iPhone photography – seeing a moment and snapping it.

There is also an artistry to the planned images we take for our posts. Thinking ahead of how you want to take that photo, what will be in it, who you will feature, the colour and location. It is all really fun, this is a hobby for me – and I get to spend time with Skylar while doing it. I love art, creativity and self expression, and my Instagram account is an extension of that. I am not in it for the ‘free stuff’ – that is not the point, if you are hoping to become a brand rep for the ‘free stuff’ you are doing it all wrong (You should read the great post by Following the Bean, it explains a lot).

Most important of all is COMMUNITY – like said above. It is the coming together of many mamas in one place – to support and help each other grow as individuals or lending a hand to a fellow mama.

This past weekend Skylar and I spent a morning with Tammy from Totem Teepee and her two sons. Totem Teepee and Schnooky Pie have team up to bring an awesome competition using the Schnooky Pie SS16 fabric for 2 teepees (see there Instagram and Facebook for details on how to enter). Two separate mama run businesses coming together to bring something back to the community of InstaMamas – great prizes – just in time for Christmas.

The teepees are so gorgeous, and I love the Schnooky Pie fabric used for them. Skylar and I lent a hand (hers was a bit mashmallow sticky) – and helped take some super cute photos to highlight how amazing these two teepees truly are.

We could not post everything on Instagram, so we thought you might want to get an extra look into what we did.

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset

Processed with VSCO with a2 preset





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