Unicorns on Fleek

I think I might have gone slightly unicorn mad!!!

Unicorns have been popular for awhile now, I have seen them appearing more and more in clothing and bedroom accessories for children – which is amazing!!!

I really had mixed views about dressing my little girl in pink and being all girly girly. It is luring me in slowly. Her wardrobe is moving from purely gender neutral to touches of pink and a little frill here and there.

When I first saw the unicorn designs done by Kim of Squiggle and Squeak, I did a little happy dance inside – all my own loves for all things girly, unicorns, mermaids and My Little Pony came to the surface. Then to top it off Hayley from Baa Baa Moo launched a new range of mythical designs, which included… unicorns of course – I was in love!!!

My inner geek girl went into full fantasy – adventure and all things magical mode! Unicorns and other mythical creatures inspire in us the sense of wonder, spark our imagination. Unicorns, Pegasus and Mermaids are not just for girls, Baa Baa Moo has shown that.

I really encourage you to support our local mamas if you need some unicorn happiness in your life:

Squiggle and Squeak

Baa Baa Moo

Other commercial companies featuring Unicorns


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