iHeart Toddler Adventures

Tis the season of markets, and who does not love a good day out, strolling through beautifully set up stands with lovely goods for all to see. I for one, LOVE a good market, and especially ones filled with locally made goods.

Our friends Catherine and Bean of @followingthebean are our go to market adventure partners. Cath has an eye for beautiful things, and she is up for a the hunt to find those one of a kind pieces, plus she and Bean are just super darling to hang out with. Alas they could not make it this past Saturday, Skylar and I had to venture out into the market stalls on our own….. yes…. just me and a little toddler….

 How did I survive on my own?

  • I had the help of two amazing moms who have stands at the iHeart Market – Tammy @TotemTeepee & Jaclyn @SchnookyPie (Love these ladies).
  • Packed snacks & water (for Skylar)
  • Took all unnecessary items out my bag so it would not be too heavy.
  • I also ensured I went early enough to be between naps – this avoids the toddler melt down.

The iHeart Market is held once a month outside the Moses Mabhida Stadium in Durban. They have very strict rules and criteria of who can have a stand, which ensure you only get to see the best of locally made products in SA.

This is a throwback image of when I used to have a stand at the market (me on the left and my dear friend Carrie on the right). I don’t do markets anymore but miss the creativity of it.

Onto the pretty finds and pictures!!  

You will find Totem Teepee at some of the best markets in KZN, follow them on Instagram or Facebook to find out where they will be next. Another of our market favs is Schnooky Pie, the South African made baby and toddler apparel is so on trend!


Lau Elle Ash
Projectarian – the artisan tribe
Projectarian – the artisan tribe
Projectarian – the artisan tribe

The iHeart Market is a firm favorite here in Durban. There will be 3 markets in December – so get your Christmas shopping done and shop local.

Sat, 3 December: 9am to 2pm
Sat, 10 December: 9am to 2pm
Sat, 17 December: 9am to 2pm



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