SA’s First #InstaMamaMeet

For the first time in South Africa the #InstaMom community will host the very first #InstaMamaMeet, it’s our own spin on the classic #InstaMeet and #WWIM.

 What on earth is an #InstaMeet?

It is an organised event on a specific date, set location and time, where fellow Instagrammers get together to take photos and videos. When posting your photos you use the common hashtag from the event. Cool tip from insta – geo locate your pictures before you post so that they can pick up our posts. 

But why do people do it?

Its brings like minded people together to take beautiful photos and connect with each other in real life.

Where will the #InstaMamaMeet Durban be held?

People’s Park, Moses Mabhida Stadium at 9:30am – 19 November

The organisers / The mamas

Teri – Insta @Little_Skylar_Jane / @terijane

Cath – @followingthebean /

Monique –  @moniquedevilliers89 /

What can you expect from the event?

An opportunity to meet those moms you have been following and chatting to on Instagram. This is a casual event guys, don’t forget to charge your camera/phones so you can take some awesome photos of your kids.

People’s Park is a public place, there will be tons of other people there, so try look out for us and come say hello. We have also been lucky to have some of our favourite mommy owned local businesses sponsoring some spot prizes for the event, how cool is that!!!

 Take cool photos!!!

The point of the event is to take really cool photos or videos for your Instagram profile. So get creative with your photos – for some inspiration on how other #InstaMeets did it – go look here

What to pack

  • Your children – don’t forget them it’s important 🙂
  • Try if you can dress them in locally made clothes
  • Camera or Phone (remember charge them)
  • Maybe a picnic blanket
  • Snacks for you and the kids
  • Sunscreen if it is hot
  • Anything you might want to add to your photos

It will be a cool idea to do some coordinated photos – group pics and such, so help us a long on the day when we try to gather the kiddies into one spot. We will also only be there for about 2 hours.


You can organize an #InstaMamaMeet in your area too! Set a location, a date and time and promote it to other moms. We are hoping to make this an event we do a couple times a year, in great locations. Remember when choice your location it should be a great place to take photos, we are blessed with so many of those in SA.

If you have any questions – comment below and I will answer what you need to know.

Below is some inspiration from the classic Instagram #InstaMeet #WWIM





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