Be a kid again!

I think my husband is one of the most difficult human begins to buy presents for, he is so particular on brands and quality of items. He is also not overly sentimental, therefore finding the right gift to make him smile is hard work.

So a BIGGGG shout out goes to the team at Mini Me Memorables for contacting me and letting me know about their awesome website and products. It was perfect timing, Christmas was around the corner, and I was trying to figure out what on earth to get this big kid of mine (aka Skylar’s dad).

Mini but so Mighty

Lets just say I won in the best gift competition (because yes, Christmas is a competition, inspiration from Carrie – he he). It might not of been the biggest, it might not of been the most flashy, it just might be that it made him feel like a kid again.


My husband just loves his off road motorbike – so much so that Skylar knows what daddy’s bike is and will say bike more than mama or mommy (insert bleak moms face).


As soon as he opened the gift on Christmas morning the box was opened, and he started to put the parts together, and that little mini-me was doing all kinds of tricks on his bike from a ‘superman’ to backflips and no hands or whatever the bike speak is. You also know your gift was cool, when he takes photos to send to all his friends.

Make it personal

I don’t know about you? Personal gifts to me are always a win. It means you took the time to really think about the person you are giving the gift to. Extra time was spent on selecting and making sure it was just right. The little lego figures allow you to do just that, with a wide array of different parts – your creativity is set free, enabling to bring your characters to life. The extra special touch is the personalized message you can place on the stand.



Why should I get it?

If you are looking for that stand out gift for anything…. and I mean anything…… then the Mini-Me Memorables are just perfect! Birthdays, anniversaries, achievements or just because you want to make someone feel special.

Or why not just get one for you? We all need that cool item on our desk at work that starts a conversation – right?

GET THE CODE!!! Don’t forget the code…. one more time use the code!!!

If you are needing to get someone a gift now right after Christmas – don’t worry when placing your order use the code SKYLAR (must be all in caps) and you will get 10% off your order – yes I know – cool hey! So use the code!!! 🙂 Valid from today to the 16 January 2017.

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