Who has a life of no Regrets?


The levels of how much this word eats away at me. I hate the feeling, it’s one of my worst, and it eats away at you and can sometimes be overwhelming. If you don’t have any regrets you are not human – if you are one of these super human’s comment below and let me know your secrets.

When I discovered I was expecting Skylar, I could not believe it – could this really be happening. I could not believe one of my biggest regrets, and potential years of disappointment of not becoming a mom was going to be a thing of the past.

There have been many posts lately around the topic of being a perfect mom. If you are a mom of one or a mom of many, there is one thing for sure, you want to make sure you have no regrets as a mother. Especially where time is a factor, many baby milestones you can’t get back, you can’t do it in a couple months time, they are growing, and growing quickly.

Leading up to the birth of Skylar, I was sure I would tick all the boxes, make sure I captured every moment, and do all the typical mom things. Well I failed in some parts. I only did aprint of Skylar’s foot after 2 weeks (not her little new born imprint), I also only sniped a piece of her hair around about this time too. Her baby book is still blank (a big sore point here)

Life happened people…!

I was dealing with poop, feeding, cleaning and an aching c-section cut. Everything else had to wait.

Fast-forward and Skylar is 18 months, no longer my little baby, she is a full blown toddler.

When BabyTouch contacted me and asked if I would like to try out their 3D Hand & Feet Casting Kit, I jumped to the challenge. I totally regretted never doing this when Skylar was teeny tiny and why not do this for your little toddler? Their feet are still chubby and cute, even though a little beaten up from running around and playing.

So… I did it.

My advice if you are doing this with a baby older than one month – make sure they are sleeping and not wide awake and kicking. Especially if they are over the age of one, the moment I put Skylar’s foot into the container, she wanted to pull it out (I should of done it when she was sleeping). It still worked out, lucky it sets really quickly.

Make sure you are all set and have everything ready before you start, the website has wonderful instructions.

What you get in your kit

Read the instructions carefully or watch the video on their website

Note this was my first attempt a fail – as Skylar was too busy riding her bike.

Your toddlers foot will almost fill the tub. If you want to do a mold of a larger foot or hand. Why not try an ice cream container? And use both packets of the first mixture. Just and idea.

I love how her little foot has turned out, it captured all the little characters I love to kiss and play this ‘little piggy went to the market’.  

This kit is going to be my go to for baby shower gifts. It’s so easy to do and so different to anything else you might receive. 

If you want to find out more about this locally made product and company:

Visit their website http://www.babytouch.co.za

2 thoughts on “Who has a life of no Regrets?

  1. Love It’s, we all have regrets and funny enough Bentleys Baby book is also empty…
    No superhero mom here we just plodding along and getting stuff done as we remember things.

    Time to our foot prints done lol

    Great Writeup



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