I got it from my Mama

What I got from my mama:
My big booty and boobs

My blonde hair and blue eyes 

My short legs

My stubbornness 

My love for my daughter 

What I learnt from my mama:

Love your family fiercely 

Play with your kids

It’s okay to be silly 

Tell your own stories at bedtime

Surprise your kids

It okay to draw on the walls

Love your husband

Be kind to animals 

Don’t hit your brother 

Always brush your teeth

Look after your toys 

Play outside and get muddy 

Limited TV time

Never leave the house without your face on (make-up) 

You can wear jeans with everything 

Nail polish is awesome 

Pluck your eyebrows

Support your kids

Be proud of them and let them know 

Defend them and stand up for them

One pair of shoes is never enough 

Wear a bit of bling bling 

Love music 

Love to dance 

Don’t just love music from your era

It’s okay to have a tattoo and piercings (she had)

Know the difference between a leopard and a cheetah 

She taught me all the African animals 

Cherish our environment 

Save the rhinos

Hate poaching and hunting 

You can never over pack for the bush

Camping is awesome 

Holidays with your family is important 

Shopping can make you happy

Teach your kids to play sport 

Visit your family

Don’t ever write down anything you don’t want held against you

Once you have been crossed, cut them off

Trust is earned 

Let your kids make mistakes 

Don’t smoke – she learnt this too late 

Laugh till you cry 

Work hard 

Wash your face and but anti wrinkle cream on

You can never have enough lotions 

Decorate your house 

Be nostalgic 

Be a person that people want to confide in 
So many things I learnt from my mom, and I wish I had more time to learn so much more… 

Matching t-shirts by Baby Touch – they have a cute range and they are super cool. 

Sandals by our favs Shooshoos in the Pantone colour of the year 😊

The outtakes – I did not want to shoot my toes as I let Sky paint them and they were a mess and I nearly fell on my arse – photos are not always perfect and neither are we.

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