All Aboard!! Chooo Chooo

Oh what an adventure we had this past Sunday on the amazing Umgeni Steam Railway. We took Skylar on her very first Steam Train trip from Kloof to Inchanga. It was like stepping back in time, from boarding the train and the decor.

This type of activity is definitely a great one for the young and the young at heart! The train runs the last Sunday of every month and there are two trips, one in the morning and afternoon. When arriving at the Inchanga Station you will find multiple food and craft stalls set up ready and waiting. The beautiful set up is under the trees and along the tracks, tables and chairs are set up in advance for you to enjoy (but take a picnic blanket or run quickly to those chairs).  The variety of food stalls suit everyone’s tastes, as we went on the early morning train, we decide on the yummy bacon and egg rolls, they don’t scrip on the bacon…. you know it was delish!

There is a playground for kids and pony rides and authentic wood toys for sale. We loved the model trains that were set up in one of the buildings, so much detail! Note you are not at the station long before you depart, so don’t diddy daddle, know what you want to do, and do it quickly.

I did not know if Skylar would enjoy this whole thing, as she is only 20 months, and I doubt she knows what a train is. But the moment the train left the station the biggest smile went across her face, she beamed, and loved looking out the window, even though I tried to keep her away from the window, because of the ash and pieces of charcoal.

Things to know for the train:

          Get there early and take some photos

          They only take cash at the station, no card machines

          If you have no particular dietary requirements, just travel with the basics – lots of food there.

          The toilets have no baby changing areas, so take note of that.

          Don’t hang out the windows, some parts are very close to vegetation and rock faces.

          Try to book the left hand side of the train for the wider seats.

          Pack your camera and take lots of photos, this is a memory maker

To find out more:

I knew this would be a memorable day so I wanted to dress Skylar in a cute little outfit. The adorable Lion pants are from ByRoeline, the brown sandals are from Shooshoos, teething necklace from Nique Goods and her zip up jumper is from Mr Price.

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