The value of a name

Changing my Instagram name ‘Little_Skylar_Jane’ to ‘Choosingarow’

Change – it’s risky, frightening and full of the unknown.

Without change, we are stuck, we do not evolve or grow, and we stagnate. I don’t want to be a stagnate pool of ‘blah’.

This might feel like a frivolous thing for some, ‘what’s the big deal’…. why bother? It was fine before…

Well it is not fine for me anymore. My Instagram profile for Skylar has evolved, and now is a better time than any to make that move.

Not everything you start out in life ends up being the way you intended it to turn out, from social media profiles, to relationships and careers. My initial intention of the profile was just to post a diary feed of Skylar, separate from my personal Instagram feed ‘terijane’.

My first post 113 Weeks ago


I have reignited my blog again after years of neglect; I have found an awesome community of women I engage with. I work with the most amazing mom-entrepreneurs and I now have a vision behind what I am doing.

As a Brand Manager, I understand the value of a brand name, and how you want to be viewed. ‘Little_Skylar_Jane’, no longer suits the vision and is no longer practical for the goals I want to achieve. It’s also not logical to have one name for the blog and another for the main Instagram account I work from.  

Behind the name:

‘Choose a Row’ – is a play on our surname ‘Row’. Taking a seat or choosing a row to sit and engage with us, by following  our social media profiles, or reading this blog. Its about bringing a community together and choosing to participate in this amazing thing we have going here. It’s about being authentic, saying it like it is, and supporting one another.

Anyway… love to you all, and thanks to those that took the time to read through this explanation.

4 thoughts on “The value of a name

  1. I love the pun on the name change. Love the convenience of it too… YES I agree… your page is very diverse and this is definitely a great way foward.

    Was also thinking it was going to be preggie news😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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