Lucky Bean / aka the set of Mad Max

I know you are thinking what on earth was in your coffee this morning? Mad Max, what is she going on about now…. let me explain….

The Playground area
The Playground area

We took Skylar to Lucky Bean (Assagay, KZN), a restaurant/kids play and party hire venue recently, a place where she could run around and have fun while we sat back and chill (well kinda sit, cause you are always chasing after a toddler).

Lets just put this out there… the venue in places no longer looks like the photos on their website. It is not neat and tidy, and mostly a just sand, with the bike path hardly visible. Toys a plenty, actually so many, I am not sure how many kids are expected to play in that area at any one time.


why I had this vision of Mad Max, an post apocalypse setting of plastic bikes, ready to hit the dessert sand, while the kids gather to hit the trail and head out on a crazy adventure. Dolls, old and well used and piled up in the doll house, toys a plenty and an indoor softplay area to boot!

I know the above might appear that this review is leaning towards the less stars out of 5, but truly its not. Skylar did not care that the playground area looked like a scene from Mad Max, it was a dream come true, she tried out every bike, big and small.

then… she happened to come across the doll house, and oh well, game over… cause now all the babies had to be fed, bathed, put to ‘lala’ and then pushed in not 1, not 2, but 3 prams around.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

In life not everything needs to be shiny and new, children are not looking for perfect and in place, that is an adult thing.  If you live in the area, go check them out.




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