Schnooky Pie – behind the scenes AW17

Never work with kids or animals…

Why is that saying so true?….

Because you can’t make them do something they don’t want to do.

When the process of planning this shoot started Jaclyn (owner and everything of Schnooky Pie) had a clear vision of what she wanted the outcome to be – based on her range and the feel she wanted to evoke.

The date was set – and it was one of the coldest days this year yet. When dealing with small children, you need to ensure they are comfortable and happy. Being wet and cold would result in tiny tantrums all round and could you blame them?


This season Schnooky Pie has rocked it out with the essential urban winter range to suit the every day kid, from home, daycare, dayout to dressing it up for parties. The mix and match outfits are perfect for creating a range of combinations.

Therefore we needed a location that would work with the style Jaclyn was looking for, good lighting, different backgrounds and dry and safe.

After a list of possible locations we settled on our local mall, who has a larger covered parking area that is not overly populated and safe. It worked out so well, the icy wind was kept at bay and there was still plenty of natural light for our photographer.

For the Schnooky Pie AW17 shoot, local mama photographer Desiree Dales was at the ready (see more info on Des in my menu, ‘Lady and the Lens’).  I have learnt my lessons here, when photographing children, make sure the photographer actually likes children. Des was MAGIC, Skylar and the other children felt instantly at ease with her. She knew exactly what she wanted to do, without being pushy. So it just went by so quickly and smoothly.

With kids there are hiccups- you might want them to stand by that awesome white wall… and all they want to do is chase a ball… so chase that ball and photograph them in action.

Thank you to fellow insta mama Carla and her two beautiful children Aliana and Keyaan. Your kiddos are amazing and Aliana was just such a ‘mommy’ to the younger kids. You can follow them on Instagram @miss_aliana_king_keyaan

Oh and before I end off this post… be prepared this is going to get a little gushy…

Jax – I am so proud of you friend! You are such an inspiration to all of us within our community. From your business sense, kindness, genuine intent and constant support of local is lekker.

If by any small chance you are not following Schnooky Pie on insta you can find them at @schnookypie.

Or check out their website

Skylar’s shoes exclusive to Shooshoos

Photoshoot by Desiree Dales Photography




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