Skylar turns 2


On the 1 July our little girl Skylar Jane turned 2, surrounded by dear family and friends. She had a wonderful time, and did not want the day to end. After having our InstaMamaMeet at the CityHill Parties Venue, I knew it would be the perfect venue for the party. Plenty of room for the kids to run around, and you have the venue all to yourself. The children and even some adults (Kayleigh) loved the rocket, space themed playarea, and the authentic looking pirate ship.

Thank you to my mom in-law Sue for helping out with the adult snacks. Husband Nathan, came to the resque and carried all the items out the cars (note cars… lots of stuff). My aunt Gayle for coming early and being my extra pair of hands in the party planning, and Cath, thanks for coming early too and helping me as I was hitting party decorating panic.

Sometimes you wish everything goes to plan, and it does not, don’t let that spoil your day. The wind tangled all my ballons – just had to live with that…

Venue: CityHill Parties in Hillcrest

Decor: Nectar & Ink / Bokaloli

Cake: Made by me the mom…

Photographer: Lizelle van Loggerenberg Photography

Teepees: Totem Teepee

Flower Wreath: Tiny Tiger Kids

Dress: Rosie-Bee Children’s Clothing

Boots: Shooshoos

Snood: Hello Poppet Clothing

I almost wanted to do the anit-theme party, but closer today, more and more I was drawn to doing an animal theme, with a difference. My base colours were white, cream, natural wood and touches of gold and green. What I did not know on arrival, was that my table was much smaller than I had imagined. I thought my decorations would be sparce, but I ended up having too much. I really love the decorations I got from both Nectar & Ink and Bokaloli, I love these local companies and had to use them for the party decor. Nectar & Ink also did the personalised suckers to match the theme.

I hunted high and low for the perfect plastic animals for additional decor, and there was not much out there, I did not want the cheap looking, mutant animals that kind of resemble and lion and elephant etc. Thanks Tarryn (Bokaloli) for hunting some down and sending them to me. Some I spray painted, white with a dust of gold to give an antique look, and the bear on the top of the cake I kept plain.

I love the decor so much, I might just repeat it for next year, I don’t think Skylar would know right? He he


At the last minute I hired a professional photogapher Lizelle on the day to help me out. It is not easy to be the host and try to worry about photoraphy at the same time. Thanks Lizelle for photohopping that horrible scab off of Skylar’s nose (2 weeks before she crashed at school – ended up with a grazed face).


Extra photos taken by guests on the day.


Thank you to everyone that spoilt her on the day, and made her day extra special.


3 thoughts on “Skylar turns 2

  1. Well done again Teri, what a great party you threw. So much fun was had. I’m just so happy Manzini, Nandi and I got to be part of this wonderful day❤️

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