I am so not BRAVE

This is not a simple review story…

A month or so ago I got sent a range of skin products from Celltone. It could not have been at a better time. I had just run out of the products I was using at the time, and was in desperate need of something, something that I can just use and be fully comfortable with.



I was very apprehensive to do a review of skincare products.

And this is why…

I HATE my skin, I have hated it ever since puberty hit. My skin went from fine to a mine field of teenage pimples, redness of skin and larger pores. Perfect timing when you are super self conscious. There was and still is the dreaded t-bar.

Lucky my mom was not shy of plenty lotions and tricks, she told me I need to clean, tone and moisturize. I tried everything, I would ask for every new pimple busting face wash that would hit the market, especially that oxy something or other. It was just further irritate my skin. It did not help that I picked and squeezed, which resulted in scaring too and skin pigmentation issues.

I was so embarrassed of how I looked I would borrow my moms foundation in a desperate attempt to hide the marks on my face. It was once in awhile, and soon it became a full time thing. I would not even go to school without putting make-up on.

All I could wish for was when I became an adult, because there was no way this teenage acne would follow me out of high school…. right…. (ha ha ha ha)…. wrong….

ADULT ACNE!!! What cruel world is this? Is there no escape from the horror!

Little did I know all my skin woes was due to the bane of my life PCOS (polycystic-ovarian syndrome). I had no idea what that even was, until we tried to fall pregnant. A side effect of PCOS is bad skin, as you see your hormones are all out of whack!

My drama with bad skin will never end, ever, but that does not mean I can’t try and control it. With the proper skin care routine, diet.

This is why I am not brave…

Because of my skin, I will never leave my house without make-up, I won’t go to the beach or swim without foundation on. I get totally anxious if I think my foundation has rubbed off and my skin is revealed in public. I am not brave enough to show you a before and after of my skin, and I don’t think I ever will. I thought I could, I thought, hey, its easy I can show a photos of my skin before starting with the Celltone range and after. But you see just as much as I loved using the product, I am not brave enough to do that.

If you feel trapped by your own insecurities. Comment below and let me know.

Why I will choose Celltone again, even though it won’t solve all my skin problems, it will help me maintain and keep a good routine.


The Celltone Luxury Pamper Pack was one of the items I got to try. Now I am an addict.

why…? Because it thinks for you. As a working mom, I wake up early, and rush, rush, rush to get ready for work, when I do get home my brain goes into auto-pilot. And I am the last person on my priority list, therefore, this product fits perfectly into my lifestyle. It tells me exactly what to do when, and how. Easy as 1, 2, 3…. and 4 and 5 and 6! Its everything you need, except one thing is missing, a night cream.. Please Celltone can you add a night cream and then my life will be complete.

If you want to read more or shop this amazing range tap your mouse or finger here

Other awesome products in there range also available on their online store.

Their sunscreen…. I have also tried and tested this, not just on me, but Skylar too, two trips to the beach, and no one return with red arms, shoulders and noses. So it works. Plus an added bonus for me, Skylar has sensitive skin and it did not react with or agitate it at all. To shop this product: Go here

They do have a kids and baby sunscreen range too.

Processed with VSCO with a5 presetProcessed with VSCO with a5 preset

The other gem is the tissue oil, I have been using it on Skylar scar on her nose after her big crash that left her with a terrible roastie for her birthday party.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
The scab nose 😦

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I am still testing out two of the other products seen throughout this post.

Have you ever tried out any Celltone products? I would be very interested to know if you have? Or have you also suffered with bad skin and still do?

13 thoughts on “I am so not BRAVE

  1. Have you ever tried the oil-cleansing method? Some people have had excellent results with it much to their surprise. The only hard part seems to be finding the right oil for your skin. There’s a nice article on Wellness Mama’s blog. Let me know if you need any more info.

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  2. So brave of you to write openly about something so personal. I feel your skin pain…I suffer from severe eczema. In fact I’ve had a massive breakout this week and I just want to hide, but as you know, that’s not possible with a toddler 😬

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  3. Nicely written Teri! I don’t have any skin issues but I can totally relate…….my weight has been an issue since having my first daughter 11 years ago!!For years I couldn’t even take full photos because I just looked and felt like a pregnant whale. My husband thinks it’s all in my head 😒.


    1. Oh my gosh. My weight issues have held me back plenty of times. Like being insecure to go and swim at the beach or public places. Worried about photos and how I would be seen.


  4. Thank you for such an honest post! I really share in your pain too. There is no ways I will ever leave the house without make up too, I have nightmares about it! I started with acne when I was about 12, I even went on the super strong drug Reaccutane at about 14, and it helped a lot but not completely. I was also, and am still terrible at picking and squeezing, so my skin is marked and also red and blotchy.
    I really feel like it limits my lifestyle too, like there’s no quick spontaneous get up and go for a walk or to the beach on weekends too, because I have to put make up on first.
    And it’s not because I’m vein, it’s just I’m not brave enough like you say. I feel like there is no other way!
    I just pray my daughter doesn’t inherit this terrible skin from me! I often sit and admire women with the most gorgeous skin, and women who can go without foundation and it still looks amazing.
    You are not alone, and I’m glad I’m not alone too xxx

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    1. It is such an inhibiting thing. I so relate to what you say about being spontaneous. I wish I was not a slave to my make up and have confidence to do life without it. I am so glad I am not alone too.


  5. My comment is a bit late but I just wanted to write that I so get this! I have struggled with really bad acne since my teenage years. It left a lot of scaring and made me super self conscious.
    It improved a bit as I got older but I still get breakouts – and it frustrates the heck out of me! No one told me adults still get acne – not fair!
    I think it’s a problem that so many women suffer from but don’t often talk about – so this article is brilliant xxxx

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