The First Trimester

A little insight into my first trimester

First Trimester – you B**ch – arggg it was a rough couple of weeks. This is not a blog post, covered in sprinkles.

When my daughter was born, we had the option to go back on birth control. I opted not to, I thought it was silly, why would I need birth control – it took us 6 years to have Skylar. If we did fall pregnant within the first year, I would not have minded at all.  I thought our chances would be slim. A year passed and then another, Skylar turned two and not any hope of a sibling on the horizon.

For those that know my history – I suffer from Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome, which means I don’t ovulate regularly, and if I do, it is not always viable – and my menstrual cycles are not consistent.

If you have struggled with infertility, and succeeded in having a baby, you are more than likely rather grateful for the child that you have. Well that is how I felt, I was content, that I had Skylar, and that I never for a moment thought we would be that lucky again. 

Being pregnant and being a woman who has had two miscarriages before Skylar and then years of trying – I won’t lie, I am still terrified something will go wrong with this pregnancy. Everyday I see as a blessing. 

If I could of held out telling our news till the baby was safely in my arms I would – but it’s rather hard to hide. If any of you have felt that way you are not alone. You can comment below and let me know. 

I hold my breath before every scan hoping for the signs of life and the smile on the gynes face telling me all is well. Even though I get all the pregnancy symptoms – some that are really annoying, I am also appreciative of them, they remind me that all is okay and baby is growing. 

And that it is…. any moms doing this a second or third or more time. Will agree your body really feels the pregnancy more…. or maybe it’s my age? I am sure if I was pregnant in my early twenties and not my thirties things would be different. The first trimester knocked me for a six – extreme fatigue, my brain went on vacation and the nausea was unrelenting. Plus this time around I have a 2 year old to contend with and can’t just chill on the weekend with my feet up.

It’s amazing how delicate I acted in my first pregnancy, not doing much so scared to move or lift heavy things. Now I walk around the shop with an 11kg child on my hip…. plus watching out for a excited toddler not jumping on your tummy. 

I hope I am not harping on tooo much. But I have to write this down somewhere before I forget and I know I will. My preggy brain is full reliant on lists at the moment. 

For those that asked. Skylar is not too sure what being a sister is all about. She thinks she too has a baby in her tummy and so does dad…. She has been too sweet helping rub cream on my belly and then I have to do the same to her. If anyone has any tips on toddlers and pregnancy please send them through. From speaking to them about it. To adjusting the home. 

A common question one gets asked with a second pregnancy is what gender would you prefer. I honestly thought I would have a clear cut answer and be resolute. I really don’t mind either, I don’t know if it has anything to do with the thought that I was not going to have another. So I am grateful for just getting the chance to mother another child again. Skylar’s dad is hoping for another girl – you would think boy right? So did I, was shocked at the answer. Did you hope for a specific gender? 

Life can really throw you a curve ball. Especially when you don’t know it’s coming. I am feeling all the feels and I am sure it’s amplified by the crazy hormones. Worried about how we are going to cope with two children. How I will juggle work and two kids and still have a little bit of time for myself. All these things keep on playing around and around in my head. 

I am now in my second trimester and welcoming NO nausea and renewed energy. 

If you are expecting next year. Comment below and let me know. 

6 thoughts on “The First Trimester

  1. Awww my sweet girl. I know that feeling only too well of lying on the doctor’s table before a scan with a sick, heavy feeling in your tummy. And only going away once your baba is in your arms! Be positive! Baba will be fine. Millions of babies are born healthy each second. Do not read anything about babies on the internet and do not buy Baby magazines. My doctor banned me from those. Also trust your health care practitioner, they have your best interests at heart. Can’t wait to see that baba in your arms! You are doing great mama of two! Xxxxxx

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  2. Hi 😊 we used the I’m going to be a big brother book from Kids Emporium for my son. I have to admit he enjoyed it more after his baby sister arrived but we kept reading it to him any chance we could. Don’t forget to plan a family-moon it was so lovely to do that with my boy and give him all that special love and attention! You’re doing great Mama ❤️❤️

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  3. Thanks for sharing mama. I felt that same fear after we had our miscarriage and then we also struggled when trying for a 3rd. Such a roller coaster but so worth it. I can’t wait to follow along on your journey. Happy you’re feeling better.


  4. It’s crazy what battling with infertility does. You would thinking having a child makes it easier and makes all the hurt and anxieties go away! Glad you have your energy back and praying the rest of the pregnant goes smoothly

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