A healthy Probiotic Snack – For Kids

I have to admit right now… I am not an expert on Probiotics, and the only experience I have had with them up until now, is when the doctor has prescribed them to counter act the effects of antibiotics.

Yes my ignorance levels were that low… but not one to let my lack of knowledge let me down. I did a bit of research on the topic, thanks to the people of Vivex contacting me and asking me to try out their new chocolate snack bars.




They are the WORLD’s first Probiotic Snack Bars for kids…. amazing right… and guess what they were developed and manufactured right here in South Africa.

Vivex bars.JPG

Developed to incorporate their unique vivo+ concept. The bars have numerous benefits, for short and long term.

This is what Vivex lists as their benefits:

  • Improved digestion, absorption and utilization of vitamins and minerals.
  • Boosted immune system
  • Improves energy and mood
  • Balances hormones
  • Reduces eczema and combats all types of thrush

and lots more.

For moms like me that still don’t know too much about the benefits of Probiotics. I asked the team who developed Vivex directly – why they chose to use Probiotics and this is what they had to say,

“Probiotics are essential in children development, not only for when they take antibiotics. Probiotics have proven to influence the development of children’s cognitive function such as short term and long term memory, stress handling and personality development. By having a good source of daily probiotics you can reduce the chances of getting sick by 66%, build a strong immune system that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives, prevent chances of obesity and increase vitamin and mineral absorption, reduce UV damages AND prevent chances of major concerns such as cancer, depression and anxiety.”

Meet the team behind Vivex


Amazing right? I had no idea, and now I do. Sometimes the fight to be healthy and making the right choices can be daunting as a mom, especially if you are not someone that lives and breathes the topic. Thank goodness for products that can help us along the way.

Vivex Snack Bars

The bars come in two different falvours, Chocolate and Chocolate Crunch – I love the most the crunch flavour, they are delicious and the texture is amazing.

Pop one in your kids lunch box, in your hand bag for an on the road snack or keep for an after supper treat.

I encourage you to read the story from their Director and how they came about developing the product – knowledge junkies you will love this: Peter’s start up story

If you are interested in purchasing these bars, this is where you can find them:

Online at www.vivex.co.za
Health stores in Johannesburg such as Rosebank Health shop, Smart Choice Nutrition in Bedfordview and the Advanced Nutrition Pharmacy in Melrose
They will be expanding to Cape Town Health stores early 2018.


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