An UncommonChristmas

Delightful gifts for the whole family – have an uncommonChristmas and try something new.

When I first started my blog, and getting to know local makers and choosing to purchase from those who had a passion for what they did – I never knew what an impact it would make on my life. How joyous I would feel knowing that I owned something another had lovingly created. This meant my home was filled with positive vibes, and I had made a difference to that makers bottom line.

The same sentiment is felt not just here in South Africa but across the globe. We have a hunger for the handmade, locally and ethically produced.

Many of us will trall markets and unique shops, looking for that find, that makes our eye’s widen and heart skip a beat. I do love the spirt of the hunt. But as a full time working mom, with only a Saturday and Sunday to do my searching, it can be a bit difficult. That is why I have moved more and more to online shopping. Its so easy, can be done at night, once the little one is tucked up in bed and I can have peace and quiet to search to my hearts content.

The world is getting smaller – and we as South African’s are getting more opportunites to interact with various communites across the globe. With my love for social media, I have had the previliege of  getting to know other moms abroad, who love locally made and ethically produced too.

I have drooled over the amazing products they can get their hands on, and know that trying to ship them to SA, would be a total hack, as not all the small online shops are set up to ship globally.



UncommonGoods is not a new online shop, but they are NEW to South Africa, as they now offer shipping to our country. Be warned… when you visit their website you will want to buy everything, there are so many options, that have been carefully handpicked by their team of buyers. If you read more on the company you fill find they have an amazing start up story see here {Story} 


Why they are awesome:

  • They source origional designs by independent makers
  • Exclusively found on their shop
  • A wide variety of choice for the whole family
  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • Recourceful packaging

My Toddler Christmas Picks from UncommonGoods:

Moms, I don’t believe in excess and giving my child tons and tons of toys for Christmas and Birthdays, I would rather choose a select amount of presents, those that are sustainable, will last long, and grow with her. Or now…. also be great for her brother to play with.

Helpful Hint: For timesensitve shoppers, or if you are just not too sure what to buy for a loved one, UncommonGoods has introduced a nifty tool called Sunny, he helps you handpick items from the store that best suits the person you are wanting to buy for… or searching for yourself. Sometimes it takes the hassle out of scrolling and scrolling.

Sunny IG screenshots

All my Christmas shopping I have done has been online and from makers.

This is what Skylar will be getting this Christmas from UncommonGoods:

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Toy House




Animals at Home Matching Game


Safari Puzzle Blocks


Sorry you are not going to see Skylar playing with these toys just yet… they are going to be lovingly packed and placed under the tree. Keep your eye out for all the excitment later in the month.

Check out more of what they have online here: Shop Now


With a shipping turnaround of 5 to 18 days, depending on the items chosen, time of the year etc. My order took 7 days to arrive, through DHL, and it was such a smooth process.

Special note: Your duties and taxes will be incorporated into your final amount, so there are no unexpected costs. I also recieved email notification of my orders journey and delivery tracking. Before the package was sent I had to supply DHL a copy of my ID and contact number to get through customs, that was it.

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