Third Trimester with baby No.2

Flash…. boom….. BANG!!!

And we are here at 30 weeks! How on earth did time fly by so quickly? With my first pregnancy it felt like I was pregnant for an eternity.

So delighted that the dreaded morning sickness has gone – alas it had been replaced by the not so fantastic heartburn.

Let’s me do a quick pregnancy so far roundup

  • Still no decision on caesarean or natural. We have booked a date with the hospital though just Incase.
  • Our hospital bed is booked. If this is your first time pregnant ask your gyne if you have not already when you should do it with the hospital.
  • We are with Momentum Health. Lucky they are covering the costs. Always check if there will be any additional charges you don’t know about.
  • I have had some swelling of my feet and hands. So bad. That I had to have my rings cut off. Crazy right.
  • There is also the restless legs at night when I am trying to sleep. And don’t even get me started on the pins and needles. That happens mostly at work when I have been siting too long.
  • Anyone who has been pregnant before knows how difficult getting comfortable for sleep can be. All you can do is roll from one hip to the next.
  • Lucky no stretch marks as yet… I have not even used that much cream as most nights I forget.
  • Baby is kicking about more. But I don’t feel like he is as active as my first. A little bit of a lazy boy this one.
  • Definitely put on more weight than the first. Aggg what a pain that is.
  • We have also throw about some names but nothing has stuck as yet.

Maternity Leave

  • This week I will be contacting an agency that sorts out my UIF. I did this the first time and it is worth the money. Believe me. The forms and information can be confusing and they let you know what you have done wrong or missing and will submit for payment on your behalf. You really don’t want to be worrying about it.
  • I will be taking my full 4 months maternity leave. I believe it’s so important. So even if I am living on air and dried bread sticks. We will make it work.
  • My daughter is in school and I am playing around with the idea of keeping her off for the first month or so. Has anyone else done this? I just want to avoid her bringing home germs and baby getting ill so soon.

What have we got for Baby?

  • Well… we still have some essential items from Skylar.
  • We have got a cot (Skylar’s). But baby will be in the room with us for as long as possible. Co-Sleeping in bed with us, or in his Moses basket next to the bed.
  • Clothes – we have a few new outfits and a few from Skylar. I need to go through the bags again as I gave away a lot.
  • I have been asked to put together an essential list of what you really need from what I learnt from my first pregnancy. Will do that soon. Separate blog post.

The hospital bag for me and baby.

Well I learnt a lot from before. So will be putting together my essential list and things they don’t tell you too…

Are there any local products that are must haves for your hospital bag? Let me know what you included.

A Maternity Shoot

I have booked to work with a photographer for a maternity shoot at the end of Feb – this will be a family shoot, our last as a family of 3. I am open to doing any additional collaborations with photographers who are keen to do anything unconventional that your normal bookings might not feel like doing.


There might be some spelling and grammar errors above. Was not in the mood to re-read. Sorry… 😦

7 thoughts on “Third Trimester with baby No.2

  1. haha … love your disclaimer. This is such a great all round round-up! I also had Restless Leg Syndrome when pregnant the second time round. I actually had it again a few years ago and someone suggested I try magnesium supplements. They really worked!!! Just simple over the counter stuff, but obvs just check with your Dr first.

    Looking forward to the next update! Thanks for linking up to #lekkerlinky

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved reading this, it reminded me so much of when I was experiencing this special time eight years ago. All the best with the last lap! You’re so close to meeting your little guy. ❤️
    Thanks for linking up to the #LekkerLinky


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