KidloLand App Review & Giveaway

This is going to be a 100% open and honest review on the KidloLand App for children. I love getting surprise emails asking for me to review a product – as it gets me out of my comfort zone and let’s me experience something new.

and… this was something very NEW to us.

You see I am not big on mobile phone screen time for my toddler. Every app I have downloaded before is shortly deleted. Mainly based on saving space on the phone for more photos or it just was not worth it.

So I have had the KidloLand app on my mobile for two weeks, and the team was awesome enough to give me access to the full app to try out.

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Wow – there is a wide variety of educational games for a number of different skill levels – over 1000 to be exact. So there will be no getting bored quickly- but then again my toddler can listen to the same song over and over and over… so bored with repetitiveness is debatable (insert laughing in my head at the thought).

How we used the app

I have said it before – I don’t believe in phones being pacifiers for our children and I would much rather have her outside in the mud – and I still do.

But – let’s not kid ourselves

The technology we expose our children today will influence their ability to deal with that said technology and the ever changing advances in it. The careers available to our children in 20 years time will be totally different and the world as we see it too

This by no means that I am advocating placing a phone in front of your child for hours on end. It does mean, I believe we need to teach them from young to respect the devices and the time they spend on them. There is life beyond the screen. Time limits are set for time of day and length.

For Skylar the only time she gets to be on the phone is early morning on the weekend. When we don’t want to get out of bed and the rest of the house is locked up still, it’s a great way to keep her occupied and me in one place for a little longer.

To clarify – I by no means am asleep, I am player 2 in the game and an active participant who changes the theme, instructs, gets to answer questions and ask them to. I believe if you want to use educational apps with your kids you need to be an active participant in the activity. I don’t believe in “here is the phone and walk away”.

I am treating it like a physical game where she has to asked me to play and help teach and guide her along the way. The last two weekends it’s kinda been a family app with KidloLand and we all want a turn – we could not help ourselves.

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Skylar loved the singalongs and the one where you crack eggs open and a different animal pops out. The of shrill excitement is on another level- ” look mommy, look mommy” – and she will repeat the animals names – saying kangaroo and hippopotamus was pretty delightful.

What you do need to know about the app, is there is a trial version and then paid for. Each different game must be downloaded separate (you don’t pay per download – you pay for everything in one go) so you don’t have to download everything if it won’t work for your child’s skill level. You will need to be in a wi-fi area to download, unless you don’t mind chowing all your data.

For more information or to download – go here


You and 2 Friends can win yourself a 1 month FREE trial of the complete KidloLand App for you little ones (the app is suitable for children between 1 – 5 years old)

How to Enter

  • Follow @Choosearow & @KidloLand on Instagram.
  • Comment on the Choose a Row post, with 2 other names (tag them), to win the prize with you.
  • You can comment more than once, with different names if you like.
  • Everyone that enterted needs to follow the above Instagram accounts to qualify.

Visit the Choose a Row Instagram to enter: @choosearow

BONUS ENTRY – Comment on this BLOG and say: “I want the KidloLand App”

Terms & Conditions

  • Competition open worldwide
  • Administered by Choose a Row
  • Cannot be exchanged for cash
  • Winner will recieve 1 month free access to the whole app
  • This competition is not associated with Instagram or Facebook
  • You need to follow botth @choosearow and @kidloland on Instagram to qualify.
  • Competition ends 2 February, and winners are chosen by a draw.
  • You will be asked to supply your email address, whereby KidloLand will contact you directly with a special code to unlock your app.

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