You’re Looking Swell…

Moms, you need to let me know if I am over reacting, or being overly “emotional” or what, what… you know… are you feeling my feels?

But I am just getting so irritated with the fact that being pregnant has become an open invitation for comments on my body….

I know not all intentions are said will ill intent, but I just can’t help giving a sharp retort back or hold back the rolling of the eyes, or grimace.

I just can’t take another statement like “wow, you are getting so big”, “you must be about to pop now”, “are you sure there is only one”. Some of the best…. “ah shame you are looking a bit puffy are you retaining a lot of water?”, “Gee you can really tell you are pregnant now” and it goes on…. “Should you be eating all that?”

Then there are the “randoms”, people that never speak to you in the office, all of sudden want to know your whole life story of your pregnancy while you are washing your hands in the bathroom, or walking down the stairs, needing to get to a meeting. Sometimes I think being pregnant is the ultimate ice-breaker for a conversation opener. Because obviously when one is pregnant your body is open for discussion.

Maybe this is why I am so snippy at the moment?

Could this be my own sensitivity to how I feel in my body this time around? My first pregnancy, I was a lot slimmer than I was now with the 2nd. I felt confident, and could wear anything, I got lots of compliments about how great I was looking etc, the “yummy mummy”… This time, I feel like a giant lump, I really do, I take all the compliments with a pinch of salt, and think “they are just being nice”. Because I really feel like the dancing ballerina Hippo’s from Fantasia.

It is so hard to not be overly critical of your body, especially when the changes happening to it are so obvious, to you and the world around you. Being kind to yourself, and saying the mantra “this amazing body is growing a human” – can help, but really it is being self-aware and knowing that you are the only one that can influence how you feel about yourself. Don’t be too harsh on yourself, this is life, things happen, and if you are not your “body perfect” right now, there is no need to stop living, and experiencing life and locking yourself up at home.

Body shaming can work both ways, from the outside in and from the inside out. You can’t stop what people say, but you can stop the way you process the information (easy for me to type right, not so easy to action).

If you are feeling like a whale growing a human or a rhino prancing around the office, or penguin waddling around the house – just know you are not alone, just don’t linger on the negative. Focus on the positive of enjoying the pregnancy, the movement of baby inside, the closeness you feel to your child, even though you have not met them yet, and soon baby will be here, and you will forget about all the comments, pokes at your belly and self-loathing. Because you are a MOTHER, and your body, flab, droopy boobs, dimpled thighs, scars and stretch marks and changed stomach are all part of life and all worth it when you look at your child, and say to yourself “I made that”

Love yourself MOM, because “Your Child will follow your example, not your advice”.

2 thoughts on “You’re Looking Swell…

  1. He’s my Tak on “looking swell”
    I have always loved something about a pregnant woman, I think all pregnant women are incredibly cute, I dreamt about pregnancy and how it would be abd how I would completely indulge on the fact that for once I was “allowed” a belly.

    That ALL changed when I fell pregnant.
    I fell pregnant Jan 2016, I was absolutely thrilled, and beyond excited. Even then I was excited to sport my very own bump and have those incredible mommy and baby moments.
    However the more into pregnancy I got, the larger I was getting, my butt, my boobs, my thighs and obviously my belly. I showed extremely early due to the fact that I was pregnant with twins. I embraced it as much as possible, but I was a walking whale and hated it. Ppl would comment abd I’d want to fly kick them in the throat.
    Looking back now, my body was yes thicker but it grew 2 incredible little humans. My body now is that of a large tub of cottage cheese, my boobs are empty sacks, my butt is twice the size it used to be, abd my shape is completely different, but then again I’m a different person altogether. I’m a mom, I have 2 kids that are so in love with me regardless of my size. I appreciate my body and gave more respect for it, because of what it went through and the changes it endured to create life.
    Women are walking miracles.

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  2. I just have to say that I think you look absolutely gorgeous, in so many ways!
    I cannot handle that people feel they have a right to make any sort of comment on someone else’s body regardless of the circumstances (pregnant, overweight, underweight, average, tall, short, the list goes on). Pregnancy is not an open invitation to pass comments and I feel like it is almost seen as acceptable because it is not your usual body and weight so they think a casual comment here or there is fine and not an insult because you will “bounce back” after baby. There is never an appropriate time to pass those comments though.
    You are healthy, baby is healthy and your glow is so bright you can blind all those a-holes with it! xxx

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