Pregnancy Nesting – fact or fiction?

Do you think pregnancy nesting is fact or fiction? I give my own views on the topic

All the pregnant ladies… all the pregnant ladies… put your hands in the air (sung in your head like Beyonce’s Single ladies)

Those who have been preggers before, or are in their 3rd trimester, may agree whole heartily with this post…. Pregnancy Nesting is real.

We hear about it, often spoken in jest, “oh look, she must be nesting” – and you know what you probably are!

The Anxiety of it All

With my daughter, I remember being super organised early, I starting buying things, and nagging my husband to get things done. Her room was sorted a month before she was born, with all the particulars in their special place. I even had a list of what I needed for her and the room.

Draws were cleaned, everything washed and sterilized… all in advance. I felt that I NEEEEED to clean!

I was super overwhelmed with it being the birth of my first, and not knowing really anything about raising a human, or what to expect from it all. If this is your first pregnancy, I am sure you are feeling the same, a whole bunch of ‘unsure’ and all the worries building up.

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From then to Now

I might not be super organised this time around, due to toddler mania, running around my legs and full of demands. Babies room is not ready, but that is fine, he will be in our room for a while, and I know I can change his nappy anywhere, as long as I have all the essentials nearby. BUT the wave of the MUST clean ZOMBIE MOMMY is starting to take over. I can feel it tingling throughout my body, my mind is racing, I can see virtual tick lists zooming through my brain.

I truly believe that pregnancy nesting is a real thing, and we have seen it in nature when animals prepare an area to birth and raise their young. It’s just our natural instinct pushing out to the forefront.

So…. When I got an email asking me to review some new cleaning products, I felt the heavens open and a serene sound echo all around – because all I am thinking about at the moment, is scrubbing, deep cleaning, sorting, and cleansing my environment around me.


Have you heard of Chux as yet? If you have not as yet. It’s an awesome range of cleaning accessories, designed to assist you tackle anything around your home. It is an international brand launched her in South Africa. Gosh I have never seen so many sponge options, it’s a amazing, I am a sponge freak, and change them often. So I like the fact they have a range to suit the type of cleaning you are doing.


With cleaning up after a toddler and soon to be new born baby, I want my home to run as smoothly as I can, so when things get out of hand, and I clean up, even for an hour, it will be nice for it to looks like it never happened.

This past weekend I roped Skylar into helping me clean, we started with her room, and she wanted to clean the walls, so I gave her the Chux Magic Eraser. Which is great, because there are no chemicals needed, so my toddler could clean without me worrying. It activates with water and with light pressure removes marks.

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Honestly, this is the TIP of the WEEK.

If you want to do cleaning and tidying around the house, try get your child involved, well that is if they are cooperative. Instead of having to chase them out the room, you can make it an activity for the two of you. Skylar particularly enjoys it, as I think she loves all the praise I give her. She even helped me clean my hospital suitcase I am taking for myself, I wanted to remove all the outside dust, and boy did we both clean and clean. The small one enjoyed it so much that when the job was done, I had to really drag her away and try focus her on something else.


Still much to do

I am not done yet, and hope to try get as much as I can done before 36 weeks, so I can rest before baby and not have my anxiety level be too high. Have you started cleaning and feeling that nesting urge? Even at work, all my draws and files that I have ignored for months, are suddenly being sorted and organised – my colleagues must think I am mad.

So for now I am going to enjoy the quick clean wins, for whatever life “chux” at me 🙂


5 thoughts on “Pregnancy Nesting – fact or fiction?

  1. I was always 50/50 on nesting. I never really FELT different, but I’m always a little OCD when it comes to preparing for things and cleaning. So maybe I just didn’t notice a difference.

    But I love that you suggested getting kids involved in the cleaning process! I’m so determined to make my kid a neat freak like me. 😂

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