Educate ME!

Do you care about educational toys? Read more and let me know your thoughts.

Are you as pedantic as me? Like really?

Meaning, do you anaylze the type of toys you give your children? Or do you buy on a whim?

I must admit, as a full time working mom – my guilt really plays up with me on this. Parents should be part of their children’s education and are just as responsible for it as the daycares we send them to.

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Many times I feel I leave her growth in the hands of caregivers and not as involved as I could be. Therefore I try to compensate with purchasing toys for her that I believe will further her education in life.

Recently we were asked to review some products from the online shop Baby Womb World, and I got to choose two products for Skylar to play with.

I was immediately drawn to the fruit cutting board. For these reasons….

  • Educating Skylar on her various fruit – especially the lemon, kiwi and strawberry, all fruits she normally turns her nose up to (I don’t blame her about the lemon).
  • Fine motor skills
  • Knife skills… not that I want my toddler cutting her little fingers off. But very often she wants to try cut her own food, especially when she sees mom and dad using one. Therefore I would like to improve her skills quickly.
  • Role play, making mommy and daddy eat the pieces and doing so herself.

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The cutting feels so realistic (I tried it), with the velcro that joins the pieces together, really gives you a little challenge and the sound too.

BONUS: it is made out of wood…. I have a thing for toys made out of wood and not plastic… so I am extra in love with this set.

You can shop the Cutting Fruit Set here:

Other products we love from their website:

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Facebook: @babywombworldsouthafrica
Instagram: @babywombworlds

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