Choosing Row 4 – (plus a little something, something…)


IT’s freaking MARCH already!!! The month we will be welcoming our boy into the world. I can’t believe how time has flown by so quickly. It feels like yesterday I was staring at a pregnancy test in total disbelief.


We have a gyne appointment next week (I will be 37 weeks), then she will determine if I will have baby in my 38 or 39th week (if he does not decide to come earlier). We still have so much to do… like his poor room. We are putting up an outside wooden hut, large enough to fit all my craft items, and our office furniture, so we can make the once 3rd bedroom / office convert… back to a 3rd bedroom.


And honestly… I feel like this baby is about to just fall out… like really…. I got my some serious penguin waddle game!

There is something special we did this pregnancy, and that is a family shoot. With Skylar my husband was working in for weeks on at a time in another country. Which meant most of my pregnancy I was alone. He could not make our maternity shoot, as he would only be arriving back too close to the due date, for me to even care about smiling in front of a camera.


This time around, there was no way, I was going to not do a little family shoot before baby boy row arrives.

  1. Because I think its special to remember what we looked like as a family of 3.
  2. To remember me being pregnant with my family.

Sooooo……, I have decided not to announce his name at birth only. And to rather let you in on our choice now.

The struggle has been real….. trying to choose a name for this boy…. damn! It was not easy, especially with our surname, I think ‘Row’ is a rhyming name, and therefore I did not want my boy to have a name that rhymed. I honestly wanted a strong name, that would work for our family, and be as unconventional as his sister name, without being obscure.


I did not want big arguments like we had choosing our firsts name, so I wrote a list of my top choices, about 15, and then gave the list to my husband and asked him to add anymore he liked, and then tick the ones of mine he favoured. There were 4 picked and we worked on it from there.


Baby boy Row….

will be….

Wyatt Row


(I would say his middle name, but that one is actually still under debate)…

Yes…. he will have to live with references to Wyatt Earp, and you know what… I don’t care, he was a kick as legend in history you can read more about him here…. and you might have a good chuckle at the month he was born too… did not know that till after we chose the name.

The meaning of the name:


Photographer: Wilma Towell Photography – see more

Mom: Shirt by Label Collections

Skylar: Dress: Hello Poppet Clothing

Skylar: Sneakers: Shooshoos

Mom & Skylar: Official Ambre

Baby Onesie: Ben Rabbit

Mom: Leather back pack: Jan Piereweit

Shoot location: Station Drive, Durban

9 thoughts on “Choosing Row 4 – (plus a little something, something…)

  1. Oh these pics are just gorgeous my friend and I can’t believe how skylar has grown up!!!
    So beautiful!
    And as for your little boy’s name- it is so strong and unique and just perfect x x x x

    Liked by 1 person

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