… and LOVE one another

Listen, I am going to be honest with you, I am not perfect and I don’t expect my kid to be perfect either. I can be a BITCH… like really, it happens, I am human. But that does not mean I don’t cringe afterwards and beat myself up regarding my actions. Sometimes you just have a knee jerk reaction.

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Many times, you can find yourself gravitating to the negative of how you see a person, and not always seek the good, or the qualities you admire….

and what you need to do here… is ‘check yourself, before you wreck yourself’ – because being negative only brings you down, and no one else!

I hope to teach my daughter to love and respect her peers, to “Radiate Positivity” and be a guiding light that illuminates the world around her. Cause face it, life is not easy, there are many terrible things that happen every darn day! You can’t let that get to you, it will drain this one life you have to live.

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LOVE is a big word, and can have different connotations to it, love can be something one freely gives, or holds close with reservations. The type of LOVE, I wish for my children, is LOVE for humanity, LOVE and respect for the differences in us all, and to LOVE themselves. You can never truly love another if you have no respect and love for yourself. May my words, not just be words, but actions too!

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Thank you to Michelle and the other moms involved in this project, and letting me be apart of it. I have loved getting to know Michelle, the owner of Mayalief, a unique and authentic SA children’s brand. Michelle is a mother of two gorgeous girls, who I know look up and admire their mommy.  I could not imagine anyone else that would spearhead a project like this, other than Michelle, she is positivity, she is kindness and so much more.

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If you would like to browse the selection of shirts for toddlers, please visit, Mayalief’s website and view the various options. They range from 1-6 year old sizes, long sleeve for winter, and then shorter for next summer. The cost is super reasonable too, so you can get more than one… hint hint. Please post and tag your photos of your littles wearing their shirts and what the message of the campaign means to you.

Also keep a look out for allllllll the other mom bloggers involved in this project and check out their blogs and posts too.  SPREAD THE LOVE MAMAS

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