HEY – girl child – be AMAZING!

I must admit, this is not a new topic to my blog, I have written about raising a girl child, here and on my Instagram account, it is something I feel so passionate about (obviously). Many times as women, mothers, mentors – we forget that being a ‘girl child’ in this world is still not an easy road for one to travel on. There are many obstacles facing the female of the gender. I am sure my parents thought that when I was older, things of the past would not be a factor and their girl child would have all the advantages, and yes we do have some – but there are still those things that come up that can really grate you cheese!

When I was approached by Disney to be apart of their ‘Be Amazing’ campaign, the first thing that sparked my interest was the messaging, and the impact they hoped to create for all little girls out there.

It really got me thinking and overviewing our parenting of our girl child, and are we doing it right? And so far, so good, I think…..

I remember when we first found out we were having a girl, and my husband who is an avid off road motorbike enthusiast said “my girl is not going to ride a motorbike, she will get hurt,” – I said to him, you do know that girls can ride bikes too, and if this is your only child, do you really think she wont be inspired by her dad?

Fast forward

And well…. we have a little girl who is fearless, and loves her dad’s bike, and is filled with determination, that she can one day ride a bike just like her dads. So brave is she, we need to keep a close eye on her, and her own adventures on her own bike, as this little one is not afraid to take chances.

Can I also say, that I don’t like the terms ‘tom boy’ and a ‘girly girl’ I think that is such one dimensional way to pigeon hole your children. My child is not one but both of the above and mixture of a whole bunch of different things.

Not only is outside adrenaline adventures her thing, so is creativity, she loves to sing (mostly her own made up songs….), dance away and most of all colour and ‘write’, yes she thinks she is writing letters to us, with little squiggles.

This little girl child – has so much curiosity for the world around her, filled with many questions and the infamous ‘WHY’,  I try to humor all those questions and answer them as best I can, I want to give this girl child of mine as much of my own knowledge as she can.

My once only child is now a big sister. When asked which Disney Princess I thought represented Skylar and who I wanted her to emulate it was Elsa. She loves the Frozen movie, and “Let it Go” can be heard on repeat around our home, with many a twirl. What I loved most about the movie is the bond of two siblings and their love for one another, there strength in helping each other after their parents were lost at sea and then the final scene where their love for one another solved everything. I hope my two children have that type of bond and Skylar will continue to be the over loving big sister of her little bro.

SKYLAR – you beautiful human, I can’t wait to see how you grow, and the AMAZING person you will become. You have a new role as a sister too, and that means, you have to teach your brother that girls are cool too, and they can be just as tough and gentle as they wish.

May you always run and jump in the mud, squeal when you see a bug, twirl like a princess, and ride like the wind, may you be whoever you want to be, just be AMAZING, always.


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