Did you see what SHE did?

‘Man oh man’ or should I say ‘women to women’ – why do we keep on doing it to ourselves – and by that… I mean putting each other down – the dirty game of mommy shaming.

Mama bear this is a real thing – if you are just pregnant and new to this whole world – then be prepared for it. You might of done some mommy shaming before you were with child and raised your eyebrows at moms and shook your head “my kids will never do that one day”.

Kids already here? Ohhhhh I know you know… mama…. that ‘mom shaming’ is something you are now familiar with or at least heard of.

Before it seems like I am being some big sanctimonious ‘what what’ – let me lay it down now – I am guilty – I have done it, and thrown shade at another mom – it happens because we are human and have our own insecurities about our parenting choices. Do I feel proud about it? Nope – and none of us should.

Let’s be better. Lets not roll our eyes at those ‘helicopter’, ‘crunchy’ – ‘free range’ moms and more. Breastfed and think your way was better? Stop it, you don’t know why a mom had to make the choice she did and how she feels about it. And moms you don’t have to justify your choices to everyone either.

I know I have held back sometimes speaking freely of my parenting choices. Feeling I have to over explain why we chose to co-sleep, afraid of what other parents would say, or tell me I am doing it all wrong.

We keep saying it but really we need to stop mom shaming and rather bring each other up more and support one another.

That’s why I am so in love with this campaign by MonaLisa Mamas and all the amazing brands they have teamed up with to spread this message….


This was a recent tweet by our President and I think it could be applied to this sentiment too.

What does that mean….. it means don’t turn up those brows / turn up that smile instead. Empathize instead of criticize – you never really know the ins and outs of ones home and what the parent is doing to just survive.

It’s amazing what we moms can achieve when we seek to work together instead of brining each other down. Let’s go far together, let’s make a difference together and let’s strengthen our village together!

Why now?

Mamas our special day is coming – 13 May is Mother’s Day, this could be your first or one you love to celebrate.

We want to acknowledge our fellow moms leading up to this day. So we wanted to give back…. with a super cool amazing giveaway!


It works a little different as you have to Nominate an awesome mama or mama to be to win these AMAZING prizes – worth over R13 000!!!! Yassssss!!!! So the name of the game is spreading love! That is right and here are the prizes:

MonaLisa Mamas voucher – (R500)

Blankets from Africa – cot blanket (R1199)

Clever Little Monkey – moon scatter pillow (R220)

The Date Factory – 50% off any date box (R260)

Declan & Leah – wooden laptop & phone (R425)

Digiridoodle – diaper bag (R750)

His Heart Wear – baby vest (R120)

Homemade Happiness – personalised tee’s for whole family (R1000)

Jeankelly – shopper bag (R1100)

Kikki & Franki – monster closet dividers (R299)

Letter Wood Love – wooden letters and signs (R950)

LoveStruck – burp cloth & dummy chain (R120)

Mila Moo Baby – beanie & storage basket- (R460)

Mommy Wellness Spa – Aromatherapy Full Body Massage – (R470)

Petit Pear – custom design invites (R400)

Pickalilly – unisex grey babygrow, beanie and snood (R300)

Simone Franzel Photography – photoshoot (R3000)

Something Gorjuss – wooden angel family (R250)

Sophie & Jane – bra voucher (R250)

Sugardots – voucher (R1000)

Tinkles & Belle – baby box (R800)

Tootsie & Beau – tee & drawstring bag (R370)

Nique Goods – voucher (R300)

How to enter and terms and conditions:

Enter on original post MonaLisa Facebook page see here

Or on Choose a Row Instagram page see here

Like/Follow all sponsoring brands (including choosearow)

One nomination per comment. (The person you they tag to win the prize!)

You can comment as many times as you’d like – that means you can tag a different moms name each time in a separate comment.

Share post WITH hashtag #supportyourvillage publicly

Open to SA citizens only

No spamming of brands involved

Winner will be chosen on 13 May

Winner is chosen by a draw and must of followed all T&Cs to qualify. The winner of the prize will be notified within a week latest.

Each brand involved is responsible in getting your prize to you – once your details are supplied. Some prizes can take up to 3 weeks to be delivered as some are hand produced.

Prizes are not exchangeable for cash

5 thoughts on “Did you see what SHE did?

  1. Before Emma was born I did some “research” asking moms what the one piece of advice was they would share with new moms. And consistently the answer was “find what works for you”, but what no one said was that when you do that you will also get told repeatedly that your choice is not the right one… motherhood contradictions still amazes me every day

    Now heading to insta to enter your amazing giveaway!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post IS everything.
    I am part of an amazing mommy group that meets once a week, totally open to anyone, we encourage and uplift each other. We support and offer advice to each other and “have each other’s back”.
    I truly believe in what you’re saying here, no more shaming, lets encourage and assist one another cause parenting is flippin hard work.
    Thanks for this one!

    Liked by 1 person

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