Shhh… baby dreaming… zzz – but mom YOU look tired!

You have probably heard it a lot of times and will admit it gets rather annoying, especially when you and sleep are no longer on talking terms. But yes – becoming a parent means that sleep is probably going to be some mystic thing you once knew of. I say probably, as there are some lucky folk who have children that indulge in sleep a tad much 🙂

We are not those “lucky” folk – our kiddos just ‘love’ our company – like a lot. As the leader of the we LOVE sleep fan club – it was a shock this whole parenting thing. Not being able to sleep in to about 9/10am after a night out and now seeing way to many sunrises…. yes sleep glorious sleep…

I must be truthful here – I have gotten used to it in aspects – you just have to. I love this quote:


That is my face – my eyes, my body, my mind. And we go through the motions of it.

That is why we as parents chose the co-sleeping / part time co-sleeping route. I have written about it on the blog before.

It started with me breastfeeding and wanting to be able to easily access the baby and get back to sleep as soon as I could. When baby became a toddler, it was just easier to go with the flow if she wanted to sleep in our bed, especially if she was ill.

This time around we are trying the co-sleeping tactic again, and using a new secret weapon….

Believe the HYPE…. cause the hype is real, the Sleepyhead Pods are magic.

I had no idea about co-sleeping pods when with my first born. And only through research later did I fall in love with the Swedish brand Sleepyhead (also know as a Dock A Tot). You can purchase them directly from the South African distributor Sleepyhead SA.

Through my blog, I was blessed to be given a pod to try out this time around and really see if everything about it was true.

Don’t roll your eyes now, I am not going to just blab about how great it is because I was sent the item.


The first time I would get to try it out was in the hospital. My husband raised an eyebrow and asked… why do you need that? I raised an eyebrow back and reminded him of my pillow fort I had to construct with my first born to keep her in bed with me and not worry about her comfort. This time I was prepared. Knowing that getting in and out of bed would be trying. I wanted my son to be right next to me, sleeping soundly and within reach.

It worked out a dream and I highly recommended this to moms who want their babe at arms reach. Every single one of the nursing staff commented on my Sleepyhead Pod. The head of the maternity ward believes that the hospital should offer them to moms to encourage bonding.


Once home our pod has been in nearly all the rooms. It fits perfectly on our bed, and I have used it in his cot too. I believe the design forms a perfect ‘hug’ around the baby, mimicking moms comforting embrace. With my son, I am trying to not rock him too much and let him fall asleep on his own accord. This was an error with my first born, who still needs us to help her sleep. So far so good, with the help of the Sleepyhead.


  • Yes it is pricey – but you are paying for the best, you are paying for innovation and product tests. They use the best foams and fabric to ensure the safety of your baby. A home made version of this won’t have the same certification.
  • When you fall pregnant and you know you want a pod – then put some money away each month and by the time baby is nearly here you will have your pod. You can also ask to place it on your baby shower wish list.
  • It is easy to clean, especially if you take care of it, for a newborn you want to ensure you place a linen protector underneath as they leak through their diapers and the milk positing etc.
  • They can be used for sleeping, a change mat, travel companion or for tummy time.
  • They come in various pattern covers and two sizes. The Deluxe we have goes up to 8 months.
  • Oh and your toddler might want to also sleep in it cause it looks so inviting.

What other moms had to say about their Sleepyhead

Jess Roberts – @learningfromluke

What is my favorite detail about the sleepyhead sleeping pod? The clever womb like design? The washable covers secured by child friendly zips? The fact that you can travel almost anywhere with them with ease? Or their beautiful on trend colors and prints? Well it’s all of the above and so very much more.

The sleepyhead is designed with a baby in mind. You would be surprised how many products out there aren’t. The sleepyhead however is also mindful of the modern mama. The 100% cotton fabric is breathable, machine washable and durable. The cover designs are relevant, stylish and exude an air of elegance.

The fact that the design of the pod mimics a mother’s womb means that baby is snug, secure and soothed, which ultimately is the environment needed for a content baby.

We only made one investment purchase for our second born Holly and thank goodness we made the decision that it would be a Sleepyhead, it really is worth every cent.

Did I mention the prints!

Hanrie Lues-Du Preez @hanrieluesdp

We have been using our Sleepyhead since day 1 of bringing baby home. It helps to give her a consistent place to nap, especially as we travel quite a bit between work and home and to family. So then it really doesn’t matter where she gets put down for a nap, it feels snug and familiar. She definitely sleeps much longer stretches in the Sleepyhead!

It is easy to pack and travel with and we can switch it from the co-sleeper cot to the couch so easily.

Before bath time, it’s also the perfect place for little Phoria to chill in, while mommy gets everything ready!

So know this – if you are getting a Sleepyhead you won’t regret it. Tell me if you are a Sleepyhead parent and comment on this post.

6 thoughts on “Shhh… baby dreaming… zzz – but mom YOU look tired!

  1. I love the marble design on the first one! Great post – thanks for sharing 😊 we’re about to have our second and are trying the co sleeper everything! We build a co sleeper bassinet so I wouldn’t have to get out of bed at night and just a couple days ago I finished one of those baby nests! I love how yours have a zipper all around though for easier maintenance!

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  2. I gotta say, that thing does look comfy! I can’t pretend that the wife and I weren’t blessed with two good sleepers though. We have considered ourselves very lucky indeed. Now I’ve only got myself to blame for my lack of sleep and always being tired!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah, for sure! We feel equally lucky AND guilty at the same time! Me and the wife have been sat with our parent friends who were all having a conversation about their lack of sleep, how they cope during the day, and tactics for getting their little ones to sleep… and we just looked down and said nothing! We don’t want to annoy our friends in their already sleep deprived and grumpy state!


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