Choose these top 10 – beauty products

You would think maternity leave would mean total neglect of ones self. Well I did too, I don’t remember the first time around caring if my skin glowed, or if my hair looked good. Motherhood can be all consuming and there is nothing wrong with that, its just wrong when you loose yourself and forget the parts of you that makes you, you.

A part of my confidence is what makes me want to succeed and be a better mom. Taking care of my skin, and appearance forms part of me, putting myself back together. Over the last couple months, I have put effort into my, hair, skin and beauty routine and these are my top 10 products I would like to tell you about:

1) Trevor Sorbie – Tame and Define


All I can say is #CurlyHairProblems – anyone who has wavy, frizzy and crazy hair will feel my pain here. I am always looking for products to maintain my cray cray hair! I have been using the Trevor Sorbie, Tame and Define on the days I want to leave my hair in its natural state.

2) AA Skin Boost Concentrate with vitamin C


I think I am in love with this product, like seriously, my skin was looking like my age + 10…. yes… it was…. and I thought I just had to live with it. Well I thought wrong. You can actually improve the look and texture of your complexion. You apply the AA Skin Boost, before you apply your moisturizer or you can just use it without if you want. I preferred to use it in combination. I have found that my skin’s pigmentation has lessened and my red blotches have decreased.  You can purchase it through Glamore – here

3) Mineraline – Hydrate, Super Hydrating Day Cream


Don’t you love when the products packaging is just as rewarding to look at, as it is to use. I have used this as my moisturizer for the last 2 months. I actually consider myself to have oily to combination skin, but I thought lets give it a go. And you know what… the results were pretty good, I did not have any extra sebum to contend with and my skin is feeling lovely and soft. Mineraline products can be found at Dischem.

4) Dr Gobac – Masque, Target and Heal


When first opening and smelling the contents you might be a bit put back, as there is a strong smell. You will get over it quickly – I promise you, and you wont care when you start to see the results. I actually think this particular product works better than the exfoliant in the range. It has helped to really to renew my skin, work on my acne scars and soften my texture.

5) LA Girl – PRO Coverage Long wear Illuminating foundation


NOW, this foundation surprised me! I was sent it by the PR company, and well done on them, getting my colour perfect! I thought I would use it once or twice, but it has become my go to foundation. I am one of those women who believe in properly using foundation to even ones skin tone, and create a perfect pallet for which the make up is applied. THANK you LA Girl for being super! I will buy this again, once it has run out. In my last months post on Instgram, any photos of me will be of me sporting this foundation.

6) Hean – GLAM highlighting Powder


You must be living under a make up rock if you have not jumped onto the highlighter trend as yet? But no worries if you are… get your hands on this gorgeous highlighter from Hean and found on the Glamore online store – visit here. Love this highlighter powder, and use it each day, you can apply it as soft or strong as you desire.

7) Essence – Instant Matt Make Up setting spray


This was my last make up purchase before I had Wyatt, I wanted to make sure my make-up lasted me the whole day on the day I had him. I wanted to have a matt complexion that would work for all the photos. I only apply it when I remember now, or when I want my face to last the whole day. It is an affordable product, that does work.

8) Ben Rabbit – Lip Balm


This was one of my top choices for my hospital bag and it still is. I use this during the day, when I am not going out, or I want to smother my children in lots of kisses, that wont result in them looking like they have been playing in my make up draw.

9) Hean – Glam Metal Mousse Lipstick


I want this lipstick in every colour – it is amazing! It applies wet and dries and maintains it shine. Once dry it does not transfer easily. I love how it works so well with my pink hair and adds that pop of colour to my lips. If you are wanting that statement lip – grab yourself some of these!  They can also be found through Glamore online.

10) AVON – Far Away Infinity


We all know that nothing completes a look quite as much as the beautiful sent of your favorite perfume. Avon is one of the biggest selling fragrance brands in SA. You can tell why, when you look at their range. The smell of Far Away Infinity rustles thoughts of nostalgia for me, and I will expand more on this in a post to still come.

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