I want to be a Kid again!


It’s dark outside

We had to go to bed early that night. Mom and dad could be heard late into the evening packing, and talking of the journey ahead.

I don’t want to wake up, and neither does my brother. We are being placed in the car, everything is locked up… we are off.

Day breaks… the sun is shining over what seems like a million sunflowers waking to great the warmth.

We… are on holiday….

It seems like we have been in the car forever and our destination a place we try hard to imagine, in the meantime we try spot all the cows, horses, sheep and occasionally ostrich along the way.

There is a container filled with ghostpops, Melrose cheese, tennis biscuits and dry word, we try to beg to eat it all now, we can’t pace ourselves, can you blame us we were kids? Children that don’t know the concept of time and the term “just now” is thrown around the car a couple of times, along with we are going to stop the car and leave you both (lucky that never happened).

When we finally arrive the excitement can be felt in the air – it’s palpable. Everything must be seen at once – where are we staying, we check our rooms, when can we play and explore.

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My childhood was filled with family holiday memories as my parents loved it, we were very lucky we got to explore. Most middle class South African children will remember long car trips, the the mountains, bush or beach. Jumping on trampolines, digging for crabs while the waves crashed near by, betting on who would be the first one to spot an elephant in the Kruger.


Our childhood memories are like highlight reels, we see flashes of delight and wonder for the new. Many of my other favorite memories as a child include going to the movies or drive in, I loved a good film, we would beg our parents to take us to the latest flick. Remember in those days, there were no downloads, Netflix and we only had one video shop in our town, which we would watch shows on repeat. The best was the drive-in, all the families would gather, kids everywhere, popcorn, treats and the night sky. I wish we still had drive-in’s to take my kids, its a long gone experience now, change to picnics in the parks.

Lets be Kids Again!

The best part of being a parent is getting to feel like a kid again, and living vicariously through their eyes again. Finding the joy in traveling and seeing their reactions to destinations, and the stops along the way. Discovering the simple bliss of blowing bubbles on the lawn on a sunshine day, and see them drift off up and away. Being excited to see a bird again, painting and letting your hands and nails be socked in colours. Eating fizzers and not being able to talk as you enjoy the flavor again. Just loving the fact that their is a bird flying above your head. Children see the wonder in everything and I love that moment when you can feel like a child again.

Have you heard about the Paper Jet Challenge from Travelstart? It is amazing! They are celebrating Youth Month, and challenging you to get in touch with your inner child by taking part in the Paper Jet Challenge and be reminded of all the things that made growing up so much fun. Travelstart would like to encourage South African’s to remember their childhood days again – lets have some fun and WIN BIG!

Its so easy to enter… and great prizes to be won, the main prize being a trip to Zanzibar! Yes  ZANZIBAR!!! Whoop Whoop – don’t be silly now, enter and have a bit of fun at the same time!


Why is Zanzibar awesome!

Zanzibar is a unique paradise. Beyond the dreamy turquoise and raw coconut coastlines and delectable cinnamon-vanilla aromatics, it is a place of dazzling colour, spellbinding culture, and bewitching soul. Zanzibar is an archipelago off the coast of Tanzania and is home to an estimated population of 1.5 million. Attractions include Stone Town, Mnemba Atoll, and Kendwa Beach.

Get ready to lose yourself in the sultry rhythm and shabby decadence of this tropical African paradise with cheap flights to Zanzibar. Zanzibar is home to Abeid Amani Karume International Airport (ZNZ), which is 10-minute drive from the centre of town. The airport serves Kenya Airways, Mango Airlines and Precision Air. Popular domestic flights to Zanzibar depart from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban. Flight duration from Johannesburg to Zanzibar is approximately 3 hours, 35 minutes.

2 thoughts on “I want to be a Kid again!

  1. Great read Teri!!! My mother was a domestic helper and dad was a truck driver. The only vacations I knew growing up,were those I saw on our black and white TV’s. All my dad was worried about is getting all 7 of us to good schools. But come December holidays, we would take a long drive to Lusikisiki, Eastern Cape to visit my grandma. I would look out of window as a seven year old and marvel at the beautiful green mountains and cows crossing the roads. We would then spent one day of our 2 weeks ‘holiday’ at the beach in Port St Johns. Those were the best times!! As an adult, I understand how important it is to create beautiful memories for my kids. We take at least one week vacation to some of SA’s beautiful vacation spots. We’ve never travelled outside SA as a family, winning this competition would be a dream come true!!

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    1. The drive to the EC is magic! That province is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story. I have never traveled to another country with my kids. It’s a dream for me too. Fingers crossed


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