Being Big about it

Yeah I can do a really good selfie and hide my rounded bits – but this woman is definitely a plus size mama.

Over the years my weight has fluctuated and so has my confidence in myself. With my pregnancies my weight was different compared to each other.

Before Skylar I was a 34/36, after pregnancy for awhile I maintained a 36 and slowly moved towards the 38 and then 38/40 range. I have a lot of junk in my trunk. The women in my family are all rather robust in our rear area. So we all have to fight hard to keep our figures in check.

I must admit my second pregnancy was more difficult due to my extra weight gain. And it’s been harder to ‘melt’ that baby weight off because of it. Even all the breastfeeding has not resulted in a loss of weight. I also count my age (33) as a factor and my lack of self control when their is cake around and their has been a lot of cake recently – and who can say NO… really. … it’s cake!

I must admit being on social media daily can make a woman feel very body conscious. There are plenty moms that have killer bodies, some of these mamas have 4 kids and some with a 5th on the way. And you wonder how does she do it? Avoid the snacks? Go to gym? Drink all the water? I hardly have time to pee…?

Being a blogger/influencer whatever you want to call it, I do sometimes feel social pressure to look a certain way or I won’t be chosen for a campaign etc. It did take me awhile to realize, my butt might not be small, and what I do have is a killer smile, use it, rejoice in the things you like about yourself.

Not all moms look like you, and you know what – that’s fine, but what’s not fine is you feeling alone or not good enough because you don’t fit a certain mold. I try not let how other moms appear effect my own confidence. I look past their bodies and am rather inspired by the women they are, the motivation they give me – daily.

If you are a plus size mom and feeling like you are not fitting what is deemed body acceptable there are some amazing bloggers in SA and overseas that focus on body confidence. They can wear a brown sack and make it look good, because their confidence shines through their face and social media posts like a bright ray of sunshine.

I would also like to add to this blog, I am talking about plus size as this is my own truth and what I have lived and experienced. But I know women also suffer with body confidence when they are slender too, some women desperate to gain some extra weight as they feel too small or they want a curvey figure. I can’t speak much on this, as it has not been my journey. Just know you too are not alone.

Even though I am happy with how I look now, I am not happy with my fitness level, my lower back is killing me – picking up Skylar and rocking Wyatt to sleep is giving me so much pain. I also get tired quicker. Not great with two small kids. I used to say I did not have time for gym or exercise when I worked an 8-5. There is no excuse to get my cardio and body strength up now. I dictate my own time. Next week I will be making a concerted effort to get my body back – and I don’t mean losing weight, even though that might be a by product. But get my body back, so I can reduce pain, increase fitness and energy levels.

I would like to give a big shout out to Anneen Henze – her clothes make me feel beautiful, regardless of my size. When Anneen first reached out to me to represent her brand, I felt a bit taken a back, mostly because I did not think of myself as someone that could “model” someone’s garments. I thought my body type was not desirable. Anneen quickly nipped those negative thoughts in the bud. Her brand is for ALL moms of all shapes and sizes. Just because you are a larger preggy or a nursing mom, does not mean you have to feel left out of the amazing maternity styles hitting your social feeds. Her sizes go from a size 32 – 40. And if you see a 42, I think a 40 would still fit great as some of the designs are so well made they can fluctuate with your changing body. And we know as moms our bodies can yo-yo from before, during and after pregnancy.

In these photos I am wearing the Madeline top in Rosette (sorry it’s sold out now – there are other colours). I bought this myself as I am now a brand fan and need more of these breastfeeding friendly tops and dresses. The other day I was at event wearing it and not one even realized I was feeding my baby around the table.

Photographer: Capture It Photography

My outfit: Aneen Henze Collection – top / Pure Linen Slings – Ring Sling

Wyatt – Little Kindred (bonnet), Shooshoos (Oxford style shoes)

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