Animal Farm – Botha’s Hill

Kids dig animals (well most of them). My daughter is particularly into all types of critters. And she will beg and ask a million times to go see the ‘amamals’.

For the last while she has been asking to ride a horse again. And well she asked so sweetly we had to oblige (lies… she begged and begged till we broke).

We took her to the animal farm in Botha’s Hill. This is her 3rd or 4th visit there, and each time she is a little more brave and goes up to the greedy goats.

What you need to know:

Entry fee is R35pp (prices subject to change).

Cash at the entrance or pay up by the restaurant

R10 for a horse ride and R10 for feed.

It is very steep to get to each section, if you are in a wheel chair it’s not advisable. Or if you are planning on taking the grandparents.

In winter it can be nippy in the hills, so pack some jackets and layer.

They also do birthday parties

Once you are there

It feels like a real farm, surrounded by other small holdings and beautiful rolling hills. You will be met by all the fowls and the goats. Get one or two bowls of feed. You as the adult might have to do the feeding. Be brave now- hold your hand out flat an let them nibble off your palm.

Skylar loved riding the pony Dimples. She was so proud with herself for doing it on her own too. Last time I had to ride with her.

The restaurant is fine, it’s not gourmet, value for money fair. For 3 of us to have a meal and a cold drink each it was R170.

Right by the restaurant is the party zones and a large children’s play area.

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