Mommin’ ain’t easy

But I love it

I have made some of the biggest life changing decisions because of my kids. Including stepping away from a corporate career and sacrificing a permanent salary and that all to sacred word – stability.

This is just a glimpse into that life choice. Maybe you are in the quandary I was in, maybe you have never worked or gave up a long time ago or were always an entrepreneur – just maybe you will relate to this story too.

Husband – “how are we going to cope with us picking up both kids late every day”

Me – “flip I don’t know, and feed and bath them, our lives are going to be hectic”

All I could think of over and over is how I did not want to live the rat race anymore or turning the hamster wheel (a lot of rodent analogies I know). Something had to give. Something had to change.

I wanted to give my children their best life, the best way I knew how. Quality time, happier parents and a less stressful existence.

Not everyone can resign from full time employment and start their own thing or give up earning and income. That does not make you less of a parent. This is not me saying that, before it begins to. I respect those moms who wake up early, work all day and still get shit done. Lots of women also crave the corporate world and find satisfaction in the success of their achievements. YOU GO GIRL! That’s how I saw my life. I too dreamed of climbing the corporate ladder. I dreamed of my mom picking my kids up from school then spending the afternoon with granny and them not playing in a cold dusty playground until 5pm. I had everything mapped out. Life CHANGED…. that sneaky bugger.

So I guess I did too.

During my maternity leave I also realized my own worth. I started to believe in myself and know that I could do something for me and my family.

I remember telling people oh “I will never run my own business”, a million excuses would follow that statement as to why. What a stupid statement to say. How could I be my biggest nay sayer – but I think we always are at times. The first ones to say “no I can’t”.

Life works in mysterious ways. I never thought my blog would bring so many amazing people into my world. People that have encouraged and supported me. Individuals that I listen to and motivate my life choices.

Thanks for making me brave, thanks for making me stop, evaluate my life and wake up and realize that I was good enough to be my own boss and a mom and wife.

Mommin’ still ain’t easy – YET,

There is still a whole lot of figuring out now to do. From balancing my time spent between work commitments and family time. Household chores and photoshoots. Swimming lessons (Skylar) and content creation.

Concept Shoot

Part of my journey has led me to work with some truly inspiring individuals. The husband and wife team of Conway Photography are two talented people. They just get a vibe with little to no brief. They are both fantastic at leading a shoot and giving direction. The end results speak for themselves.

We wanted to achieve a modern 70s / boho / outdoors vibe in celebration of the amazing Totem Teepee we got to shoot and the launch of Lucky Littles new vintage t-shirt range.

If you would like to find out more about Conway Photography – see more here:

Follow Totem Teepee here

Shop the look : Lucky Little

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