Helpful Tips for Bath Time

How to keep sane and have fun bathing two kids at once! (Mine are 8 months and 3 years).

Back in the day, when I only had one to worry about, it was all fun and bubbles, I could sit at the edge of the bath tub and sing and wait till the toddlers toes wrinkled up from being in the water too long.

Back to reality and another kid in the mix, and bath time has become a well thought out strategic plan – wish a dash of fun to keep the little ones happy.

I never really thought growing out family would mean, a lot of time spent on thinking how am I going to bath them both and keep them both safe in the water and no tears (those might be mine).

Now… if you have a super hands on partner and you tag team bath time, then great, you are mostly sorted. If you are having to do bath time solo, then you need these tips.

First – Arm Yourself with Entertainment

Now regardless their age gab you need to keep them entertained.

In the past I have heard shouts from the bathroom as the toys would spill into the bath and to find my husband wadding in brightly coloured bath toys. They took over, and what I found is that many were never played with or just did not work.

Cue…. awesome bath toys to the reduce…

Yookidoo Bath Toys. I am sure you have seen these great products all over your social media. I bought our first set at Mama Magic in Durban, I could not wait to set it up. I might have been more excited than my kid. It was an instant hit with both kids. The toddler wanted to stack and spray me (obviously that was hilarious) and the baby well he just wanted to grab and eat. But what I loved most is it was a toy that BOTH kids could play with together and laugh and interact (sibling bonding 101).

Needless to say I did a purge of the overflowing bath toys and now only have and select few, including two other Yookidoo bath toys.

We took the Submarine Spray Whale away with us, it was all we needed, and it certainly helped to get all the sea sand off during bath time. My oldest enjoys helping me “bath” her brother with it and wants to remove the soap.

If you are keen to add this to your Christmas gift purchase list – then here is a link to purchase online

Spray it isn’t So!

This fun bath product has been a favorite and always has to be in our home – Fozzi’s Foam for Fun- comes in 3 different scents and definitely is a fun element to add to bath time with the kids.

I spray them along the bath and my oldest enjoys washing it off. The baby… well he just tries to eat it.

I purchase these from Dischem and they can be found with the other bath toys and bubble bath liquids.

My Go to Bath Tip to Toe Wash.

When your kid has dry, sensitive skin, the search is always on to find something that will help them be more comfortable. Cue – one of my go to products! BabyDove in sensitive (I also use the shampoo on Wyatt).

I am a fan of their products – ever since the launch here in SA. Why this particular product is cool for bathing two, the pump action in the bottle is specifically designed to give you just the right amount of liquid you need when washing to limit waste. And you know when you have two, it’s just more and more and more of everything. So being economical helps. It’s also great to have a wash on hand that I can use on both of my kids.

Sit and stay

To make sure my baby is safe and secure during bath time I invested in the Angel Care bath seat. It lets him participate in playing in the water with his older sister.

Tips for Two

  1. Plan ahead, get all their after bath items ready. Pjs, lotions and diapers.
  2. Undress the youngest and take through to the bath, then undress the toddler in the bathroom and pop them in. Remember safety, and keeping an eye on both of them.
  3. Enroll the oldest to help with chores, like passing bath toys or washing the toys of the littler one.
  4. Keep strong rules that you repeat, especially to the eldest. Remind them to stay seated, unless asked to stand up. Their sibling is younger and they need to be careful. No reckless splashing and keep the water in the bath.
  5. The one rule I keep stressing is that I must put you and take you out of the bath. My “I want to do it myself” toddler has tried a couple times and I remind her if can be dangerous.
  6. The first our the bath is the older sibling who can stand and understand 😂. She is dried in the bathroom and then accompanies both me and baby to his room. Where her clothes are already.
  7. Baby is dried and toddler helps where she cans. Once he is dressed, if the toddler has not dressed herself (cause she can). We move to her room. With baby in tow.
  8. Can’t get your toddler out the bath, without a big fight? Well don’t hate on me. But I have told my one there is a frog that lives in our drain that drinks her bath water. She won’t be in that bath when the plug is pulled.

Some days are awesome, other days are hell. No one is cooperating. Both could be crying at the same time, especially if they are both over tired. I might be raising my voice more than I want to. I try to stay calm. And then those days I speed up the process or try to distract more. Just know that even though the simple tasks may now seem overwhelming, you will find your groove and just trust your way mama bear.

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