A Toddler and a Trunki + Giveaway


Next up non the “Choose This” Christmas list blog series…. The Trunki


Traveling with your kids can be fun, but also very daunting, especially when needing to keep them entertained.

My daughter was very fortunate to get to choose her very own Trunki to test out, which the is the origional ride on luggage for kids. It was perfect timing too, as we were off on a family vacation to the beach. The arrival of the box, and opening to find her own travel case fueled the excitment for the pending vacation.


First impressions when opening the box and and then the Trunki itself – definately was a big wow. Top quality! I loved the brochures inside, with the story of our particular make Benny the Cat. Benny’s story is so sweet, and I loved that they included it with a certificate of adoption. Benny was designed based on a real cat who was rescued by Trunki creator Rob Law.

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If you know my kid well, you would know that she does LOVE cats, even though we don’t own one, she sure goes a little crazy happy when there is a kitty cat near by. So her natural choice was Benny.

NOW NOW!!!! (cause that is how the toddler Meows), with a rumble of wheels can be heard down my passage way. Skylar is in love! She is a speed racer, and anything with wheels is a winner. Especially drag racing her brother in his walking ring down the passage.


Some awesome Trunki facts for you:

  • Volume, 18 Litres, and 4 gallons
  • 50 Kg sit on max (for kids to ride on – hold yourself back moms and dads)
  • Trunki’s are hand luggage approved
  • Made in the UK
  • You get a 5 Year guarantee too! Hows that!


Trunki Features

  • Locking catches
  • 2-in-1 carry/tow strap
  • stuff pocket
  • teddybear seatbealts
  • horn grips
  • ID label


You can find out more about Trunki here:

Website: https://trunki-sa.co.za/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trunkisouthafrica/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrunkiSA/


There is also an awesome giveaway happening on my Facebook and Instagram pages if you are keen to get your hands on a Trunki for your toddler this festive season. But move fast – giveaway ends 5 December.

13 thoughts on “A Toddler and a Trunki + Giveaway

  1. My little one is also a kitty lover, I love the ‘certificate of adoption’ feature, it gives a sense of ownership and responsibility.

    I love the trunk and it’ll come very handy for our trip to Mpumalanga in December and Cape Town next year. Fingers crossed

    Liked by 1 person

  2. My little Phoebe absolutely loves unicorns, Una the unicorn trunki will be an absolutely blessing!
    We travelling to Turkey next year February, it’s our first international travel and we are super excited about it!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My daughter would go crazy for one of these! ❤ Would love to take a Trunki along with us on a family roadtrip adventure down the Garden Route 😀


  4. Would desperately want to win this for when we travel to visit my sister in the UK especially as we will be travelling with a toddler and a newborn


  5. Oh wow. So many cool features with a 5year guarantee! How awesome is that. Would love to travel to New Zealand with my boys in the near future to visit family. My little boy is crazy about The Gruffalo story books and would be over the moon with a Gruffalo Trunki😊


  6. I would love to travel to Cheltenham, England with my mom to visit an elderly couple who has had an amazing impact on our family, we’ve never been able to and never been outside Africa.


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