LINDT Chocolate Boutique opens at the Pavilion

When you get an invitation to attend the launch of the new LINDT Chocolate Boutique at the Pavilion it is very hard not to squeal with delight.

Talk about perfect timing for the store opening too, I know that a box of LINDT Chocolate has been my go to for a gorgeous gift on the go, plenty of times.


And guess what Durbanites! This is the very first interactive store launched in South Africa, and its on my doorstep! YASSSS, sooo excited, I don’t think a shopping trip to ‘The Pav’ will be complete now without popping in for a treat or two.


The VIP event was just that, absolutely gorgeous and expected from this amazing brand. The red carpet treatment was on top form. It was lovely to see familiar faces on arrival, topped with a glass of bubbly, and LINDT chocolate served by the friendliest staff.


I literally felt like a kid in a chocolate factory and that my golden ticket had arrived. Wall to wall CHOCOLATE! It was hard to hold back, I loved the warmth of the store, and the fine finishings added to the atmosphere, it felt like a high-end jewelry store – where the jewelry is glistening wrapped chocolate delights.


The boutique will afford chocolate lovers the chance to explore a wide selection of international LINDT flavours, as well as the full range of well-known favourites. A first of its kind Master Chocolatier station will be a permanent feature in this store, where consumers will have the opportunity to create their own LINDT slab under the guidance of the in-store LINDT Master Chocolatier. Freshly made LINDT products such as macarons, brownies and the signature hot chocolate and milkshakes will also be available.


“The new interactive LINDT Chocolate Boutique is sure to be Durban’s ultimate chocolate destination,” explains Stefan Kuhn, Head of Retail at Lindt & Sprüngli South Africa. “Not only will it be our largest South African retail store to date, but it will also offer Durban consumers full access to the authentic LINDT experience, allowing them to truly immerse themselves in the brand and gain a greater appreciation for the art of chocolate making.”

This store will also be the first in the country to launch the retail exclusive range, PIEMONTE. LINDT is offering customers a 20% discount when you purchase two or more products at the new LINDT Chocolate Boutique at The Pavilion Mall. For more details, please visit  


(Photos were taken by the professional event photographer)

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