Peppa Pig Party Ideas: Skylar’s 4th Birthday

A gorgeous Peppa Pig birthday party for my 4 year old.

We’re playing a tune
And we’re singing a song,
With a bing and a bong and a bing.
Bong bing boo, bing bong bing,
Bing bong bingly bongly boo.
There was no doubt in my mind that when Skylar’s 4th birthday came around that we would be having a Peppa Pig birthday party. She has been Peppa obsessed for a while – the amount of times we have watched the same episodes over and over… we feel like we all know the Pig family by now.
Every year I learn a little more on how to better prepare for kid’s birthday parties.
My first lesson – if you can have an afternoon party… then do it. Having those extra hours in the morning really help, especially if you still need to get balloons and make some last minute items. There is also the rush of getting everyone ready.
Wyatt’s birthday felt like a mad rush, I left too many things to do at the actual party, so some of the decor did not even get put up. I continued to feel rushed throughout the whole event, even though it was a lovely day.
This birthday I worked with Party in a Box by T, Taryn reached out to me after starting her new business venture, and wanted to help do some of the party theme decor (more on them later in the post).  For time-saving this really helped.
All party items leading up to the day were prepped and placed into large boxes, so I could easily take them out and lay on the tables.  The sweet jars were filled a week before and lids used. The others the night before with cling film on top.
Also you need help – if you have some family and friends that can help (Thanks Jax), then reach out and ask. If you can afford a party planner and its in your budget, well knock yourself out. Its better to have all the decor and how you want it done, before the guests arrive so you can just be a good host and have fun.
I have realized I am definitely an OTT mom for parties (within my budget). I can admit it, and I won’t be ashamed for it. I love me some DIY, I love that look on my kids faces and putting all my creativity into something.

Peppa Pig Party

Thank you to all the vendors involved in making Skylar’s party such a success, she LOOOOVEEED it.

Lucky Bean

We chose to go back to Lucky Bean for Skylar’s party (same venue as Wyatt’s party). It’s just perfect for kids her age and has something for every kid. It was a beautiful afternoon, the sun was shining and the weather just right (not a muddy puddle in sight). Lucky Bean is situated in Assagay, they are totally geared for kids and babies. We did not have to hire any other entertainment for the afternoon, the kids just PLAYED like crazy, and their giant grins and we don’t want to leave faces showed it.
It’s also such a breeze to have a venue, where the kids can play safe and parents can chill. The venue supplies coffee/tea, cups and plates for the adults, tables and chairs for the littles and the bigs, plus a selection of table cloths and kids chair covers.
Find out more about their venue here:
(to all my OCD friends, I know that table-cloth will bug you, but I only noticed after the fact… and all the goodies were on the table)

Party in a Box by T,

Those wanting a Peppa Pig party be warned, you won’t find themed items at every party shop – its like hens teeth, and you will have to be set with a specific colour. I search my local party shops and really battled. I then planned to do all the bits and bobs myself. Then I got that message that made the heavens open, I was so happy to have Taryn be my right hand mama and help me through this process. She helped tie everything together. We worked on what I needed for the party and then she personalised my box to my needs and colour theme. We even shared a Pinterest Board to make sure we were working together on the ideas. When my box arrived I was so surprised by the goodies inside, they really made my life so much easier to tie all things Peppa and her crew into the day.
Find them on Instagram here:

Artful Biscuit Co.

My friend Gen is beyond talented! Really I can’t gush enough about how much love she puts into her work. Each biscuit is a work of art, and they taste amazing too. Gen surprised me with how she would create the biscuits, she nailed the design and the fun loving spirit of Peppa and her friends. The kids (and adults) loved them, I was hoping to take some home for later… well that did not workout, GONE… all eat…
Find them on Instagram here:

Sprinkles Confectioners

I loved using the same people from Wyatt’s party and supporting moms, Nita blew it out the water with her amazing cowboy themed items for Wyatt’s party and she did the same for Skylar’s party. I gave a simple brief with images. I chose to have made oreo and marshmallow pops, plus delicious cupcakes. My favourite had to be the little Peppa Pig houses on top, I loved them so much.
You can see all her confectionaries here:

Smith’s Bakeshop

I reckon some people might think I went a bit OTT on the cake? What does a 4 year old want a two tier cake for? HAVE you met Skylar? She is cake obsessed, and that is all she could think of leading up to her party. I knew if I gave Taryn some inspiration and ideas, she would take them and make it her own, a take on the theme. She works that butter cream like an artisit on a canvas. I love the the details, macaroons and more, every kid wanted a lolly pop! Not only did the cake look good that tasted AMAZING too! The one layer was actually Milktart flavour!
View more from this amazing baker here:

Lucky Little

Shame I always feel terrible, as I give Robyn the shortest deadlines to turn around an idea. I promise Robyn I will make sure I give you more time in future. But thank you so much for doing these shirts for the kids so quickly! You got my vision down to a T. I wanted my two kids to look like Peppa and George, with their own cool style. Plus they can totally rock their shirts long after the party.
Order yours, and see more from Lucky Little
Purchase essential party items you can reuse year to year. I have now stocked up on sweet jars and serving platters and cake stands. Sourced from Mr Price Home, Westpack and Pep Home.
I bought sweets from Taskos, they have big bulk packs, and I prefer to have sweets with no wrapping paper on them. I also like nice tasting sweets that have good flavour. Try choose sweets that fit with your party colours, it adds to your decor.
The kids are always busy playing and I did not want to take any sweets home. So they all get a packet and fill it before they go. We also created colouring in pages and crayons as party favours.
Use decor from around the house if you can to add to what you are making for the party. I added all our Peppa Pig toys we had, plus a wooden rainbow from Mayalief 


To my friends Jade and Jax who chose to gift items for the party instead of a prezzie, this is such a cool and novel idea. Jade thanks for the photos – you can see more from this talented photographer here>
Jax… waiting for your cooking/baking page now – your cake pops were awesome!



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