The Row’s Big Day Out at Suncoast

A family day at Suncoast in Durban, from Peppa Pig, to eating at Wimpy, then off to the Magic company for arcade games

I had been counting down the days to our family adventure at Suncoast, in Durban. We had a full family day planned and I could not wait.


We don’t often all go out together for long periods of time, mainly because our little one could not handle all the activities and needed routine. Now with him a little older and able to enjoy himself it was the right time to explore our own city.

Suncoast invited us to experience some of what they had to offer, and it was perfect timing with the Peppa Pig Show on that weekend at the Globe.

We chose not to tell Skylar of the adventure we would be going on, but instead we surprised her on the day. This saved us days of begging and questions, and it was rather fun to see her reaction and stunned look.


It was going to be a long day, so best to dress comfortable, and that meant good shoes for the kids, they were both gifted a pair of Bubblegummers, and thank goodness for that, those little feet, did a lot a walking, running and jiving during the day.

The Peppa Pig Show at the Globe

When wanting to take toddlers to events and shows, I always advice try do it as early in the morning as you can. It’s when they are less likely to throw an unsuspecting tantrum and cooperate. The 10am show was the best time for us, and wow, we were blown away by the Globe, it is such an amazing asset to Durban, the more venues for live performances the better!


What you can expect from the show:

  • Lots of super excited kids (and parents)
  • There was food for sale inside the Globe (it may be the same for Joburg)
  • If your little ones have a short attention span, it may be wise to get some snacks to keep them occupied if needed.
  • There are areas that you can take some fun photos, so take advantage of it, wait in the line and let your kids stand by the backdrop.
  • There is a selection of merchandise for sale – if there is only one thing you choose to get – make it the wand – they call it the torch in the show and it is used throughout as an interactive way for the kids to participate in the show.
  •  Light-up wand R100
  • – Peppa Backpack – R200
  • – Peppa Plush s – R150
  • – Peppa Plus m – R300
  • – Peppa Plush Jumbo Special (with free wand worth R100) – R650
  • – Peppa’s 5 DressUp figurines R350
  • – Peppa’s Home Playset Special (with free wand worth R100) – R650
  • – Peppa’s Jet Special (with free wand worth R100) – R650
  • There is an interval half way during the show, to allow you to have a break.
  • There are lots of fun surprises during the show if you have not been before
  • There is a meet and greet after the show, it is so worth it if you can do it. You can purchase the tickets at the show – but do this as you arrive.


Near the end Wyatt was wiggling and wanted to run around, he was hungry… so we knew we had to have a family fuel up at Wimpy. A familiar and family friendly environment with a view of the promenade, where we could watch the passerby.



Skylar went straight to the waffle (she is just like her dad), and well, we let her indulge for a special day out. It was nice to chill for a moment and catch our breath before we headed off to the Magic Company for some fun and games!


Before we entered the arcade Wyatt had already fallen asleep, which worked in our favour, he is too young to play and it allowed us to spend some extra time with Skylar, who had a ball. She has now got a knack for playing in arcades, this being her second time. It was a frenzy of tokens and tickets! She grasped the concept and we threw in a maths lesson with counting the tokens for each game. It’s amazing how somewhere like the Magic Company can bring out the kids in all of us!

There is so much more to do at Suncoast for families, they have a variety of restaurants and take away venues, even Krispy Kreme can be found there! From the movies to the wonderful Octopus water park. We will definitely be back!



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