Girls don’t just watch Romcoms

We all know those typical stereotypes… girls like romantic comedies and guys like action packed films? Feel like a square peg in a round hole?

We all fall into that trap of placing each other in boxes. Well I challenge those preconceived conceptions.

Growing up, I loved watching the old school action movies. I never visualized myself as the damsel in distress, in my mind I was the hero, the one that saved the day. These were the guys that sort out justice, defended those that needed help or would not stop or help a friend in need.

Many a day my brother an I would be outside pretending to be our favorite. Rambo was way up there, we use to argue over who would wear the red tie around our heads.

I still can’t believe my parents let me watch those movies? You would think they would of been too much for kids? Well I watched all the Rambos, all the Rocky’s, Terminators, Indiana Jones, and alllllll the Jean-Claude Van Damme round house kicks we could handle.

When my husband and I moved in together we had a small box TV and no satellite TV, Friday night action night on ETV became an institution.

This weekend Sylvester Stallone returns to our screens as John Rambo once again, a little less of the long hair, more t-shirts, but a lot of action still to come.

The movie is set in Arizona and Mexico, where Rambo sets out to find his niece that’s gone missing. If the reviews are to be true, this is going to be an action packed movie that won’t disappoint fans of the franchise.

Rambo: Last Blood opens in South Africa this weekend. If you go and watch let me know your thoughts.


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