First impressions of Frozen 2

My first impressions of the Frozen 2 movie and is it worth it?

We have been waiting all year to watch Frozen 2, and the day finally arrived.

So what was it like? Did it meet our expectations? And was it suitable for kids of all ages?

Here are my first impressions:

Don’t expect a replica of the first movie.

There was been lots of advances to animation and you can see it throughout the whole movie. The first movie feels almost two dimensional in comparison now.

Another exciting development is Frozen fans get to see an expanded Arendelle much more than before. Set 6 years after the passing of their parents and some time after the first movie. The characters are settled into their routine and autumn is on its way. Yet just as everything seems the same, change is in the air. Elsa hears a strange calling that calls to her. And well I won’t say much more than that without ruining the story for you.

The storyline is full of emotions this time around. Honestly it is, I found myself shedding a tear not once but 3 times during the film. And there are plenty of lighthearted moments too and poking a little fun at the first movie.

There are some “scary” parts in the movie, but nothing too hectic, it plays to their adventure. And there is no evil, ominous characters either.

I definitely felt the movie was also made for those young kids who first watched the movie 6 years ago. There were plenty of tweens in the theatre today, and I could hear tons of ohhhh and ahhhhs, sniffles and laughter – you could tell they have been dying to see these characters come to life once again.

The songs are plenty, we will have to see which ones are the most catchy for our kids and well us…

The music is lovely and really, really plays to your emotions. The setting is beautiful and the outfits they wear too. The characters have definitely grown in range of emotion and depth as Disney dives deeper into their relationships to each other and how important they are.

My 4 year old did not MOVE the whole movie. She was absolutely transfixed.

I asked her what she thought and these where her exact words “I loved it, it was so pretty, I want to see this other frozen again at the movie”. It is one of those movies you can watch a couple times to take in all the detail.

Some of the topics they touch on may go right over your little ones heads. They are some sad moments you may have to explain to them as they go through the movie. Especially around the topic of death.

Would I watch it again? YES – was it worth it? YES.

If you have any questions- pop them below and I will try help where I can.

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