Could this be Toy of the Year?

This years festive season we have been lucky enough to try out many of the new toys on the market, many of them have reached the top toy lists of 2019, and the next toy is set to win TOY OF THE YEAR at the New York Toy Fair.

Meet the Kindi Kids; Donutina, Jessicake, Peppa-Mint and Marsha-Mellow!


We were sent Peppa-Mint and Marsha-Mellow to try out.

The idea behind this range is to have a toy to help young kids adjust to the Kindergarten stage, they even have a fun YouTube chanel.

You can find it here:

The Kindi Kids are full of life with big glittery eyes, bobbling heads, brushable hair and removable clothes and shoes!  Each Kindi Kid comes with their own magical interactive “Snack Time” accessories to help bring them to life!  Full of imaginary play features, every accessory has a magical movement that the Kindi Kids interact with, making them appear that they are eating, biting or scooping their yummy treats!  Like a toddler walking for the first time, Kindi Kids wobble and bobble their heads when picked up and played with, making them look like they are alive in your arms!


When opening up the box and discovering the dolls, the first thing that is evident is the quality, from their soft hair to their adorbale faces. They are adorbale!

The recommended retail price of Kindi Kids is R800.00 per doll.

They can be found at Toys R Us/ Toy Kingdom/ Toyzone & Hamleys

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