Support Small businesses: a guide to kids activies during Covid-19

La Fede



“I am Chantelle, wife to Philip, mommy of Addison and Max, Jesus Follower and founder of La Fede.

La Fede is a brand for the dreamer, the adventurer, the collector and the playful family. Exploring creativity and imagination, integrating minimal- and contemporary design elements. Our design philosophy is to create unique, timeless soft toy characters, with personalities, for young and old.

La Fede was started on a leap of Faith and built on Trust.”

Chantelle is also at home with her two kids, and thought it would be a great time to give back, by hosting a Live – Make with Me – where you can make your own LaFede Friend. La Fede is giving away the Pattern, with Instructions at no cost.

On Monday the 23/03/2020 at 10 La Fede is hosting a Live “Make with Me” on their Instagram Page – @lafede_designs
They will be making The Bunny and The Bear – no sewing machine needed. And bonus – they will be using what we have around the house as far as possible! Recycle, Re-use, Re-purpose !
– Pattern Download with Instructions – on our website – 

Barbie Dream Big Career Board Game (made in SA)

The Barbie TM ‘Dream Big’ Board game is designed to assist children with exploring various career paths. The career paths have been outlined into four main categories; Business, STEM, Creative and Helping & Service.

Barbie Game-2 copy[1][2].jpeg

‘Dream Big’ is educational, interactive and filled with messages of empowerment.
There are 3 formats or styles of cards within the 4 stacks:
QUESTION cards which are educational
ACTION cards which involve interactive role play
PROBLEM cards which aid in developing character and leadership qualities in the work place.

AVAIBLE AT : Toys R Us, Toy Kingdom, SA Toy Trade, Take A Lot, Readers Warehouse, Shoprite Hypers, C N A – @R399.90

Territory Takers 

Claire is a full time high school Mathematics educator and  started Territory Takers last year in 2019 as she was making activities for her 2 year old and many friends were asking to buy the activities too.

All of their activities are aimed at education, educational games and fine motor skills. Territory Takers products target ages 18 months to +-10 years old. Claire’s goal as a mom and as a teacher, is to ALWAYS make learning fun! They do not have a website as yet, you can place orders via their Facebook or Instagram page.

They have  product/price lists that can be emailed on request.

Cabin Kids


Chrissy the owner behind Cabin Kids is a mama to two girls, a wife and designer … and now entrepreneur.

This journey started a couple of years ago, when Chrissy wanted to provide toys and tools to encourage kids and their parents to get outdoors and explore.. to look to nature to inspire and to create opportunities for families to bond through play.

They also wanted the toys to be educational at the same time, learning through play.

Chrissy carefully curated products from all over the world, and brings them here for you and your family to enjoy. They have also designed and developed their own range of products, in the hope of supporting our incredible local artisans and makers.Instagram: @cabinkidssa

Timeless Toys


Timeless Toys offer a premium selection of educational toys from globally trusted brands that are carefully selected to aid development by learning through play. Their toys are designed to ‘power up those big imaginations’ – and to last! Timeless Toys offer a great selection to delight all ages – from babies to 12 year olds! Sustainable and ethically made products are all held in stock for fast, reliable delivery nationwide. 

PlayMore Online Platform


“I am Anandé Ferreira, a pediatric occupational therapist based in private practice since 2013 with a special interest in playfulness and sensory integration.
I created the PlayMore Online Platform to provide caregivers with practical strategies focused on developing independent play skills and playfulness, how to find the balance and manage screen time and information on various areas of child development.”
In light of school closures and sudden extended holiday break:
PlayMore will launch a daily home programme including sensory regulation ideas, gross and fine motor activities, visual perceptual activities, drawing and handwriting ideas (for our slightly older Gr1s) and of course how to balance a few structured activities with free independent play.
-The home programme will make use of everyday household items and a few toys or play prompts that are usually already within many households.
-The home programme will follow a layout that can be adapted to each household
and activities will come with easier and more advanced options for younger and older siblings.
-I will also give options for those who have outdoor space and families who live in apartments and may not be able to access outdoor play areas.
-I will post  “how to” videos to get you set up and ready for the day and activities as well as a planning guide prior to the each new week, so that you can adapt as required.
-PlayMore will not charge extra for this programme. This holiday home programme will come as a free extra to all PlayMore members.
-Therefore the R170 subscription will include all online video content namely the independent play series, screen time tips and media planning and our current fine motor masterclass as well as this bonus home holiday programme.
All videos and content will be available via our closed Facebook group or an alternative link should you not have a Facebook account.
Please visit for more information or send a message to   

Annie’s Baking Club

Annie’s Baking Club is a fantastic way to develop a natural love for baking and cooking for kids. Baking with kids is a fantastic shared experience. While including your kids in the kitchen doesn’t always turn out to be what commercials make it – a joyful, carefree experience filled with fun flour fights and perfect results, you are giving them a skill for life and providing masses of happy memories.

Even when the salt is mistaken for sugar, the cookies burn, and the cupcakes are pure batter on the inside, fun was had and you and your kids made something together

Annie’s Baking Club offers once off purchases of kits, or even better sign up to their monthy subscription boxes

Elefeather Toddler Activities & Busy Boxes

Elefeather Toddler Activities make busy boxes that will help with fine motor skills, creativity and open ended play. They have amazing sensory benefits as well, such as hand strengthening, proprioceptive, sensorimotor and tactile advantages.
The different animals and shapes will encourage language and literature as they recognize and play while using their imagination.

These would make for lovely Birthday prezzies, or just a special gift for the holiday or now the time off from school coming up.

Dough Animal

The Dough Animal story…..
We are Dough Animal, based in South Africa and the United Kingdom, although this makes us sound big we are a very small business operating out of our homes.
I founded Dough Animal last year and offered our products to the UK as it’s where I’m based (although I’m South African) and then Casey opened up in South Africa soon after and creates our products for the South African market.
We hand make play dough using natural ingredients in a clean and sterile environment. Because of the natural ingredients, our dough is super soft, non-toxic, safe for little ones and is also naturally scented and smells delicious!

We offer a load of activity ideas on our Instagram page and in the blog section of our website (which has only just launched so will populate soon), and we will be adding more than usual in the next few days and continuously as lots of kids are at home and probably a little bored.

Play dough is great for little ones as a way of sensory play, learning about textures and smells and hand eye co-ordination, but it’s also a fun way to teach older kids math equations, alphabet letters, etc.
Here is our SA website link – we are still offering our collection (Edgemead, Cape Town) and courier (Nationwide) options while we are still able to:

The Playbox SA

“Whilst needing to cook, clean, work or scroll though instagram, I wanted to keep my little one busy without resorting to screen time. What always held her attention day in day out was the small worlds I created for her. Whenever we had playdates, I noticed children of all ages always ending up in the small world corner. Thus The Playbox was born.
Small world play is creating a life scene allowing little ones to let their imaginations run wild. Miniature items such as plastic animals and sensory elements like rice or lentils create the invitation to play. I have carefully selected five introductory themes and filled Playboxes to the brim to ensure endless hours of exploration.”IMG_20200225_174153.jpg
The benefits of small world play:
  • How many legs does the spider have? How many logs can we place on the tractor? Playbox develops little ones problem solving and mathematical skills.
  • Playboxes create the perfect environment for children’s curiosity and creative thinking ensuring their cognitive growth.
  • When playing with other children or siblings, they learn how to share, play nicely and imagine together, developing their social interaction.
  • Other skills include hand eye co-ordination and motor skills. For example, using the tweezers to place the seal on the rocks.
Instagram: theplayboxsa
Facebook: The Playbox

Artful Biscuit Co

I have personally attended one of Gen’s classes, and I think this is a great idea to keep you busy during this time, and a fun activity to do with your older kids (5+).

Online Cookie Decorating Course – R650.00

Want to learn how to ice biscuits like a pro?
4 weeks with 12 video lessons
Private Facebook group for online assistance.
Supplier list & recipes
10% discount off supplies from my online store
Course begins 6 April


SugarDots are importers and wholesalers of unique and fabulous products for babies and children. They source products from around the globe to ensure there is something to delight your kids.

Their current range includes: SugarDots Muslin Blankets, Creativity for Kids, Stephen Joseph, Soft Shapes, Green Start, iKids Books, Elegant Baby, Peaceable Kingdom, Quut, GeoSpace, Kid O and Micro Scooters.We have personally had the opportunity to test out a number of their products. So many great options for kids of different ages, and a bonus you can order online.


IF you know of a small business that should be added to this list let me know


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