How I survived the Spa with my Toddler

Do you still feel good about yourself? This is a question I ask myself often lately, when last did I put highlights in my hair, when last did I paint my nails (and then remove the polish when they chip). I find now that I am a mother my life revolves around Skylar, I am [...]

The Part Time Single Parent

Published 09/10/2016 When you dreamed of your perfect family it involved a mom and dad and you would share all the responsibilities and there would be equality of duties - well I did.  How I imagined my life would be after Skylar was born was completely different to how it turned out. A month into [...]

Get Out! Get Out! Get Out!

Argggggg.... do I have to put makeup on? Do I have to wear heals and do my hair? I hear this more and more... Why do some of us just gravitate towards the frump trap? Had a baby, don't go out, no social life without baby? Sound familiar?  The no social life without baby is [...]