All Aboard!! Chooo Chooo

Oh what an adventure we had this past Sunday on the amazing Umgeni Steam Railway. We took Skylar on her very first Steam Train trip from Kloof to Inchanga. It was like stepping back in time, from boarding the train and the decor. This type of activity is definitely a great one for the young [...]

It happened – The First #InstaMamaMeet

WOW, what a fantastic turn out!  I want to say a big thank you to my InstaMom partners for the day mama Cath and mama Monique. It was super fun all the late night back and worth messages, trying to organise what exactly our first #InstaMamaMeet would be, the date, venue and time. Another big [...]

SA’s First #InstaMamaMeet

For the first time in South Africa the #InstaMom community will host the very first #InstaMamaMeet, it’s our own spin on the classic #InstaMeet and #WWIM.  What on earth is an #InstaMeet? It is an organised event on a specific date, set location and time, where fellow Instagrammers get together to take photos and videos. [...]