Let Them Create

My parents always supported my creativity as a child - both of them were talented in their own way. My mom loved crafts from stamping to pottery - my dad was an excellent artist and is very talented. As a child I never got in trouble for drawing on the wall (I think my parents [...]

Instagram Ethics

Have you ever wondered what was the right or wrong thing to do on social media, specially Instagram? Lately I have had a couple conversations with friends around Instagram. I get asked; what is a hashtag; how do you get so many followers? How can I become a 'brand rep'? All of these are just [...]

How I survived the Spa with my Toddler

Do you still feel good about yourself? This is a question I ask myself often lately, when last did I put highlights in my hair, when last did I paint my nails (and then remove the polish when they chip). I find now that I am a mother my life revolves around Skylar, I am [...]