Shhh… baby dreaming… zzz – but mom YOU look tired!

You have probably heard it a lot of times and will admit it gets rather annoying, especially when you and sleep are no longer on talking terms. But yes - becoming a parent means that sleep is probably going to be some mystic thing you once knew of. I say probably, as there are some [...]

Skylar turns 2

On the 1 July our little girl Skylar Jane turned 2, surrounded by dear family and friends. She had a wonderful time, and did not want the day to end. After having our InstaMamaMeet at the CityHill Parties Venue, I knew it would be the perfect venue for the party. Plenty of room for the [...]

Lucky Bean / aka the set of Mad Max

I know you are thinking what on earth was in your coffee this morning? Mad Max, what is she going on about now.... let me explain.... We took Skylar to Lucky Bean (Assagay, KZN), a restaurant/kids play and party hire venue recently, a place where she could run around and have fun while we sat [...]