A Pair of stores for Shooshoos


My love affair with Shooshoos began just after Skylar was born, I was desperate to find a brand in SA, that made moccasin shoes for babies, it was huge trend internationally and I had seen no one doing it here. Until…. Shooshoos, I remember see the Facebook adverts and doing a little shriek, I purchased 2 pairs that day, and it was one of my first online purchases I would make for my children off the Shooshoos website.

I have always felt the joy in the design and the people behind the brand, receiving your shoes after purchase and the quality is evident. But this is not a joy others can experience with me, or a face to face interaction with the brand. If you are a first time mom and have never held a pair of Shooshoos in your hands, you might be a bit apprehensive of the purchase. A trip to one of their stores, or stockists will soon solve all doubts.

This past Friday, 22 June 2018, Shooshoos celebrated the opening of their second flagship store in the V and A Waterfront. I hope this is the 2nd of many more to open throughout South Africa (and especially Durban… hint hint… Shooshoos come to the east coast).


Their opening day saw plenty of bubbles and delicious treats as they welcomed loyal customers, media and some favourite mommy bloggers to enjoy this new adventure.

Shooshoos™ are not just shoes. They’re custodians of first memories, protectors of knees and toes, liberators and fun-enablers, and they are there at every stage of one of the greatest adventures your little one will know: childhood.

For us, baby shoes need to be equal parts functional and magical. They need to protect growing bodies so as to encourage curious minds, which is exactly what children need to explore, imagine and discover the world.

Shooshoos is built on the ideas of adventure, support, quality, play fun and design excellence, and we have worked tirelessly since 1996 to bring the finest handcrafted leather shoes to fearless children and not-so-fearless parents around the globe.