Slice of Africa

I am so bummed out I missed this event, as its such a good cause. But us moms, sometimes have to, especially when our little ones are ill. But this is such a wonderful initiative that I had to let you know about it:

Novel Campaign Gives Opportunity Across The Continent – Now it’s Over To You
The world’s largest pizza brand has travelled the continent, changing simple pizza boxes into Red Reading Boxes in Africa as part of its global initiative to get children reading.

DURBAN – The epic ‘Slice of Africa’ literacy journey ended in Durban today with thousands of miles travelled and tens of thousands of rands collected along the way – all in the name of literacy.
The mission was simple, to deliver Red Reading Boxes to children across the continent and launch a donor donation drive to get all involved in starting to address the literacy crisis in Africa.

Dubbed the “Slice of Africa” journey, the project took Pizza Hut Africa General Manager Ewan Davenport and his team across Africa to 14 cities in 12 countries in 22 days on a route map that follows the shape of a giant pizza slice.

The campaign is Pizza Hut Africa’s contribution to the company’s global initiative called Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project. Established in 2016,Pizza Hut: The Literacy Project was created to encourage literacy through providing reading resources and engaging customers to make a difference for the cause. In its first year, the global campaign impacted 15.9 million people and distributed more than 275,000 books and educational resources to communities in the U.S., Brazil, Canada, Costa Rica and South Africa.

Click here to see more of Pizza Hut African Literacy Project launch I’m Durban.